Howl-O-Ween: Giving Your Dog the Right Treats—and Keeping the Wrong Treats Away

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Every year at Halloween, dog owners need to be mindful about their dogs, making sure to keep them out of the candy bowl. Unless your dogs are just perfectly behaved, it can sometimes be just too much of a temptation. They can understand that the candy is a “treat” by the way they see people reacting to the stuff, and this makes them curious.

One of the best ways of keeping them from eating the wrong treats is to give them the right treats, which is why we’ve put together this post highlighting some of the best dog treats on the market today, among the many brands and treats we’ve come across selling pet supplies in Henderson, NV:

  • Hungry Dog Natural Treats: A great, affordable treat just to keep on hand. The ingredients are simple and wholesome—meat, oatmeal, brewers rice, etc. They’re healthy, made in the United States and are produced by Merrick, which makes a variety of excellent natural treats.
  • Holistic Select “Drizzles”: The products in Holistic Select’s “Drizzles” line of dog snacks are healthy snacks (made of fruit and yogurt), and they’re then “drizzled” with a probiotic formula. These snacks are excellent for dogs with sensitive digestive tracks, and can help their guts become healthier over the long run.
  • Project Paws freeze-dried food and treats: Project Paws is an excellent source for dog food and treats. We’re a big fan of their raw food with minimal additives, no cornmeal or any of that nonsense. Freeze drying allows the meat to last longer, so it’s got the freshness of raw food, with the staying power of dry food. Plus, Project Paws donates a part of its profits to dog shelters and charities. With their freeze-dried treats, you can make your pup happy, while helping other dogs find their forever homes.
  • Snack 21 Salmon Skin Rolls: Salmon skin is filled with good Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as an array of other healthy antioxidants. It also has a ton of protein. Snack 21 Salmon Skin Rolls are just salmon skin, nothing else. They’re made from Canadian-caught salmon, and will make your dog crazy happy.
  • Orijen’s freeze-dried treats: Orijen’s freeze-dried dog treats are also top-notch. The freeze-dried ranch-raised lamb is especially popular, as the taste is fresh, and just a little exotic.
  • Zoë Chew Sticks: Zoë makes super safe and healthy chew sticks. Anytime you’re giving your dog a chew snack, you want to make sure it isn’t going to break or shard, and that it isn’t likely to present a choking hazard to your dog. These chew sticks check all those boxes. In addition to being delicious and healthy, and high in fiber and protein, these chew sticks also freshen your dog’s breath and help reduce gum disease.
  • ZiwiPeak Venison Treats: And finally, for dogs who prefer really chewy tough meat to soft or tender meat, ZiwiPeak’s jerky is among the most delicious and also among the healthiest around. There are no harmful additives, so you can feel comfortable your dog is getting good, healthy protein without any chemicals.

Remember, your dog needs its favorite treat, not Butterfingers, this Halloween. Come down today to The Soggy Dog. We have the best pet supplies in Henderson, NV, and a huge variety of dog treats, which are all healthy and wholesome and made of natural ingredients. We’re sure your dog will love them, and we’re sure you’ll love knowing exactly what’s in your dog’s snacks. We think that’s the least you should expect from your pet supplies! Have a great Halloween this year, everyone. See you soon!

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