Benefits of Using a Dog Wash Station

November 17, 2021 9:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Most dog owners will do just about anything to help make bath time a bit easier. Whether it’s leaning over the bathtub or chasing your dog around the backyard with a hose, these options are less than appealing. This has dog owners wondering: Is it better to use a dog wash station for baths? These are self-serve wash stations specifically designed to help make dog washing easier and more pleasant. Let’s look at how dog wash stations work—and why they might be right for you. Should I go to a dog wash? These easy-to-access tubs include convenient sprayers and take... View Article

Common Dog Grooming Behavior Issues and How to Help

November 3, 2021 9:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Every responsible dog owner knows that you must groom your pet. Those with long-haired pets are likely very familiar with this, because if you skip a couple of days of brushing, you’ll find plenty of knots and mats. Unfortunately, many dogs don’t like being groomed and are resistant to the whole process. Let’s look at the leading dog grooming behavior problems and how to address them. Why does my dog not like being groomed? This is a question many dog owners ask themselves. The reasons why they might not want to be groomed are varied and depend on the dog’s... View Article