Howl-O-Ween: Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm for Trick-or-Treaters

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It’s almost everyone’s favorite time of year again: Halloween! Even adults love free candy and dressing up and going to parties with their friends. But as much as we love Halloween, sometimes it can kind of freak out our dogs.

It’s easy to understand if you see things from their perspective. Three-foot tall bumblebees and a dozen mop-headed little Harry Potters running around—it isn’t normal. It can seem threatening to many dogs.

Here are some tips compiled by a few of us here at the pet supply store in Henderson, NV to help you prepare your dog for trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Acclimate them to the noises

If your dog has a problem with the doorbell or people knocking on the door, they’re likely going to have a difficult time this Halloween. You can help your dog get used to the doorbell, and to the additional knocking, by going outside and ringing your own doorbell and knocking on your own door several times a day. While doing this, help your dog to learn not to bark by calming them down, and then rewarding them when they remain calm.

Keep your dog indoors

Outside dogs often have more difficulty with strangers when they’re in the yard than when they’re indoors. So a good idea this Halloween is simply to bring your dog inside for the night. It helps them feel safe to be by your side, and it discourages the type of territorial behavior that is more pronounced when they’re outside in the yard.

Stay calm yourself, and when you notice your dog is uneasy, pet them, give them a treat or take them to your room

Dogs are really intuitive animals, and if you’re worried about your dog, your dog can pick up on that. This is why it is important to remember to stay calm yourself. If you notice that your dog’s tail is between their legs, or they’re tensing up, or trembling, take them back into your room, where they can be alone, and try to help them get some sleep.

Make sure your dog doesn’t get into the candy

When dogs are uncomfortable, they can sometimes act out, just like any other animal, including humans. This means that, while your dog may not normally eat human food or get into anything it’s not supposed to, if it’s freaked out from the trick-or-treaters, it might do something naughty and out of character like getting into the candy. The sugar, in general, is not good for your dog, and of course we all know how bad chocolate is for pups!

Make sure you have a room set up, just in case, where your dog can be safe

Just have a backup plan in case your dog does get upset. Having a backup plan will help you keep calm yourself, which will help keep your dog calmer. Just have a comfortable spot where your dog can hunker down and nap. Make sure to have some dog supplies on hand—visit your local pet supply store in Henderson, NV, if necessary—such as their favorite toy and a few snacks.

If you follow these simple tips, you and your dog should have a really fun Halloween this year.

This Halloween, come down to The Soggy Dog for all your dog supplies. We’re the best pet supply store in Henderson, NV. We’ve got your pup’s favorite snacks and toys, and we’re focused on offering only natural snacks. When your dog has their favorite things, you know how much of a good boy or a good girl they can be. Then you can just sit back, relax, hand out candy and help all the trick-or-treaters have a good, spooky night.

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