Happy Holidogs! How to Spot Holiday Pet Hazards

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Holidays are the perfect opportunity to enjoy spending time with our friends and family. And what holiday celebration would be complete without our beloved pets? After you get your pup all ready for his holiday debut with a thorough grooming in Henderson, NV that makes him shine, take a few minutes to properly pet-proof the environment where he’ll be getting all the cuddles and much-deserved attention.

Here are The Soggy Dog’s top holiday tips for how to spot and prevent holiday food and decoration hazards.

Foods to avoid

There are a number of foods that are delicious for humans but deadly for pets. Here are the top offenders:

  • Chocolate: Chocolate is dangerous in any form, including chocolate coins, chocolate covered espresso beans or nuts, baking morsels and more.
  • Alcohol: Make sure your pet doesn’t get into any low-situated punch bowls, or grab any rum cake or unbaked dough. The yeast in these types of Christmas treats turns into carbon dioxide and ethanol in the pet’s stomach, and this can lead to terrible bloating and even alcohol poisoning if too much is ingested.
  • Bones: Many of the main courses we eat over the holidays (such as turkey and lamb) have bones in them. Cooked bones—especially soft bones such as chicken bones—are especially harmful to pets, because they can splinter when they are ingested. Prevent choking or stomach damage by securely disposing of bones after you eat.

Holiday items to avoid

In addition to all the scrumptious food we enjoy over the holiday season, there is also a lot of décor around the home. Here are a few tips on items to keep an eye on around the holidays to ensure your pets stay safe:

  • Tinsel: Tinsel is most commonly used for tree trimming, or as an added cheerful touch for garlands or wreaths. It looks lovely, but is also an especially tempting item for cats, who love crinkly, shiny objects. If ingested, tinsel can become balled up inside the digestive system, and even wrap around the stomach or intestines. Think safe—put tinsel high up where your cats can’t reach it, or hang it somewhere outdoors away from sight of those curious, watchful eyes.
  • Seasonal plants: A few classics come to mind, such as holly and mistletoe. Unfortunately the same plants that bring us joy can cause severe intestinal upset for pets, and can even lead to heart failure. Hang mistletoe where it can absolutely not be reached, and do the same for holly if you use it for any decorating.
  • Ornaments: Ornaments aren’t inherently bad—they aren’t poisonous or toxic—but if chewed or played with, their sharp ends could cause lacerations. Glass ornaments can shatter, leading to dangerous cuts. To avoid this, just make sure they are hung out of reach, and keep an eye on your pets while they’re around the tree.

The Soggy Dog is about more than just grooming in Henderson, NV. We love your pets as much as you do, and we want to help you keep them happy, healthy and safe year-round. Give us a call to book an appointment, and feel free to discuss your own holiday safety questions with us any time!

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