Start the New Year with a New Dog ‘Do!

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The New Year is a time for everyone to look ahead and take the time to consider what they might do to make this year better than the last one. It’s a time for resolutions and improvements, and for seizing opportunities for betterment.

While you might be thinking of positive things you can do for yourself this year, make sure you’re also taking a few moments to think about what you could be doing for your dog, to help improve its quality of life in the New Year. That’s right: Fido deserves an opportunity for betterment, too!

More than just taking your pooch for more walks or spending time each day giving them a few well-deserved belly rubs, the best thing you can do for your dog right away is to give them a bath. What better way to start the new year? And, at The Soggy Dog, it’s easy to show your furry friend some personal love and attention thanks to our self dog wash in Henderson, NV. Just park your pooch, lather them up and spend a few minutes showing them how much you care.

More than just giving your dog a new ‘do for the New Year, washing your pup this January has a wide variety of great benefits, including:

  • Dogs thrive on positive attention. Taking time to show your pup some one-on-one attention in a loving way will put them in a good mood and help them get the year started off on the right paw.
  • Did you know that serious health problems can come about as the result of under-grooming your pup? Spending time bathing and styling them in the New Year will give them a jumpstart on positive health trends.
  • When’s the last time your pooch had a real, honest-to-goodness bath? A thorough bathing is a great way to ensure a literal clean start to the year for your dog. Call it a late Christmas present!
  • When your dog feels prim and proper after a bath, they’re going to feel and act happier. A good bath can be a great mood booster—especially if your furry friend has been in a funk lately.

Got a dog that’s not a fan of bathing or doesn’t like getting a bath? Now might be the best time to help coax them through their fears. Instead of leaving your dog at the groomer—a place that’s unfamiliar and possibly even scary for them—take advantage of a self dog wash in Henderson, NV to personally bathe your pup. In calm and familiar circumstances, you might be surprised at how their attitude towards a bath changes!

You might be focused on developing good habits for the coming 12 months as part of your own resolutions—don’t forget to make bathing your dog regularly one of those good habits. The New Year is the best time to start! Your pup will appreciate the attention and you’re sure to appreciate a happier, healthier, cleaner pooch. Come visit The Soggy Dog today!

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