What Your Dog’s Breed Tells You About Their Needs for Dog Grooming in Henderson, NV

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A well-groomed dog will always look and feel healthier, not to mention happier. Just about every type of dog needs some level of grooming, regardless of the type of fur it has. However, different dog breeds will have different grooming needs.

As a dog owner, it’s important to know exactly what you need to do for your dog when it comes to dog grooming in Henderson, NV. Here’s a bit of information about how dog breed affects grooming needs, and what you can expect for your type of dog.

Dogs with very high grooming needs

Dogs that have double coats, thick coats or other generally heavy coats with high grooming needs usually have to be brushed, combed and cleaned daily. Some breeds specifically require professional groomers if their owners are not grooming experts themselves—even areas like the ears, armpits, tail and legs will require regular trimming and combing. Without proper grooming and care, the dogs will have their coats tangle and they will look unhealthy.

Examples of dogs with very high grooming needs include the Kerry blue terrier.

Dogs with high grooming needs

Dogs that have long hairs or thick, curly coats need to be regularly brushed and combed, preferably every day. Regular bathing with good-quality shampoo is also necessary to keep away ticks, mites and other pests. Owners of these types of dogs often have the choice to either keep the hair long (and make sure they regularly brush the dog) or keep it cut short.

Long-coated dogs should have the hairs around their eyes regularly trimmed so they can see. They also tend to need the fur between their pads trimmed, as well as near the ears and around the bottom.

Examples of dogs with high grooming needs include Airedales, bichon frises, Chinese crested, Irish setters, Newfoundlands, old English sheepdogs, Saint Bernards and Yorkshire terriers.

Dogs with moderate grooming needs

Dogs with moderate grooming needs do not require extensive grooming, but should still be regularly brushed to maintain good coat glossiness. They only need to be bathed when necessary. Medium-coated dogs will not have as many tangles to deal with, but they will still need to be cleaned around the eyes and ears to avoid infection.

Examples of dogs with moderate grooming needs include basset hounds, border collies, cocker spaniels, bull mastiffs, Irish terriers, Pomeranians, Shetland sheepdogs and Siberian huskies.

Dogs with low grooming needs

Some dogs require limited grooming attention, because they have average-to-groom coats. Brushing will help keep the pelt in good condition, and bathing is only needed when required. Some of these dogs might have long coats, but they should never be clipped.

Examples of dogs with low grooming needs include Australian shepherds, Bernese mountain dogs, Boston terriers, Doberman pinchers, French bulldogs, German shepherds, Labradors, Irish wolfhounds, pointers and Rottweilers.

Dogs with very low grooming needs

There are some breeds of dogs that require minimal grooming attention. Brushing only needs to happen about once a week, and bathing is usually unnecessary.

Examples include Alaskan malamutes, beagles, boxers, bulldogs, Chihuahuas, pugs and whippets.

For more information about how your dog’s breed affects its needs for dog grooming in Henderson, NV, contact us today.

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