Houseplants That Are Poisonous to Dogs

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Houseplants bring pops of color into the home, and tie décor together. While there are a number of houseplants that are perfectly safe for both you and your furry friends, a number of the most common houseplants are actually poisonous and very dangerous to dogs. Before you bring a new houseplant into your abode, you should ensure that it won’t cause any harm to your precious pup. You may want to consult with experts in dog health in Henderson, NV to learn more about which types of houseplants are safe for dog-friendly households.

Dogs, particularly younger puppies, love to chew on greenery. While eating a little grass now and then can actually aid your dog’s digestion, it’s important to keep them away from your houseplants whenever possible. Because you can’t spend all day watching your pup, you should avoid placing any houseplants in your home that may be dangerous, including:

  • Sago palms: Home gardeners, particularly those in warmer climates, love sago palms for their rich green fronds and interesting appearance. Unfortunately, the sago palm is actually one of the most toxic household plants. The leaves, spines and seeds of this plant can cause vomiting and liver failure in dogs.
  • Aloe vera: While aloe is perfectly safe to use on your dog topically, it can cause indigestion when eaten. Its leaves occasionally contain small spikes or prickles that could also irritate your dog’s mouth. Like most succulents and cactuses, aloe contains hard-to-digest waxes.
  • Ivy: Ivy may look great as it cascades down the side of your home or fence; however, it can cause substantial damage to the health of your pet if ingested. Pets can suffer from a range of symptoms after eating ivy, including rashes, difficulty breathing and even paralysis.
  • Philodendron: This common houseplant is prized for its easy care, attractive leaves and interesting appearance. If your dog ingests philodendron, however, it can cause burning and swelling inside the mouth, as well as spasms and seizures. Philodendron is particularly dangerous because dogs enjoy playing with its wispy leaves.
  • Dumb cane: When pets eat dumb cane, their mouths swell and burn. The most common side effect of this is difficulty breathing, which can lead to death. Dumb cane is easily recognized by its green, bamboo-like stock and striped green-and-white leaves. Houseplant aficionados enjoy dumb cane because it’s easy to care for.
  • Elephant ear: Elephant ears are beautiful plants with stunning, thick green and pinkish-purple leaves. Unfortunately, they also cause mouth swelling, vomiting and painful indigestion in pets. Occasionally, they can cause death. It’s best to avoid planting elephant ears if you are a dog owner.

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