Why Proper Brushing Is Good for Your Dog’s Skin

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At-home grooming is encouraged, but don’t stop scheduling professional dog grooming in Henderson, NV—treat your dog to pampering sessions and follow through with an important at-home grooming must: brushing! Here are six good reasons to brush your dog’s coat on a regular basis:

  • Brushing removes loose dog hair: If you have dogs, then you are well aware of the shedding situation most pet parents face. From vacuuming up “dog bunnies” to using half a lint roller to remove dog hair from clothing, it’s a daily battle against fur. But don’t give up! Brush dogs regularly to reduce the amount of dog fur in your house, in your car and on your possessions. Routine brushing won’t stop the shedding, but it will remove a lot of loose hairs.
  • Brushing stimulates the skin and natural oils: Dogs roll around on the ground, stick their noses into random places and aren’t too picky about where they lay down. That means they get stinky! Giving your dog a bath every once in a while is good, but bathe a dog too often and you wash away beneficial oils. Depleting a dog’s natural oils can lead to itchiness and other skin problems. Instead of washing your dog all the time, brush their coat. Brushing stimulates the skin and keeps the oils circulating.
  • Brushing gives you a chance to inspect your dog’s skin: When you brush your dog’s coat, you have the chance to inspect their skin. This is a good time to examine pups for lumps, bumps, spots, ticks and fleas, and you’ll get familiar with what’s normal and what’s not. Sure, your vet will look for lumps and bumps during annual checkups, but that’s only once a year. Brush dogs a few times a week, if not every day.
  • Brushing prevents skin irritations and infections: Depending on the type of dog, you might not be able to see his or her skin well under all that fur. What if your dog has a skin issue? Brushing removes and prevents fur mats (and knots) that can be painful and unhygienic and cause skin infections and irritations. Brushing also removes pollen, fungi and insects that get stuck in tangled hair, all of which can also lead to skin irritations and infections.
  • Brushing keeps your dog looking pretty: A haircut can boost your confidence and make you feel good. You brush your own hair to keep it looking nice and healthy, right? Well, a solid brushing session can have your dog looking his best in no time. And a good-looking coat is a healthy coat, which makes for a comfortable coat. Plus, people will notice and compliment your pup!
  • Brushing promotes bonding: Cuddling is a good way to bond with your dog, but you can also bond over grooming. When you use the right dog brush and brush correctly, brushing time feels like a gentle massage. Petting while brushing and just being together makes your dog happy and builds trust.

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