What Vaccinations Does My Dog Need Before I Can Take It for Grooming?

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Grooming keeps our dogs looking clean, well-kept and beautiful. It’s an important part of their care routine and vital to their health—plus, they look super cute afterwards! However, some safety precautions do need to be taken before taking your dog in for a bath and haircut, specifically vaccinations.

All groomers require vaccinations. Vaccinating your dog ensures your dog and the other pups at the groomer are protected against the spread of disease. Diseases can spread easily at the groomer, at pet stores and at the vet’s office if dogs aren’t properly protected. Most states, including Nevada, require dogs to be vaccinated regularly. Nevada law requires all dog owners to vaccinate their dog against four common viruses. Here are the four vaccinations your pet needs before heading in for dog grooming in Henderson, NV.


Rabies is an extremely dangerous virus that can affect both dogs and humans. Nearly every state requires vaccination against rabies because it’s so deadly. Rabies has no cure, and the vaccination is the only prevention tool available. Dogs should be vaccinated when they’re about three months old and again a year later. They’ll also need subsequent vaccinations every two years. Ask your vet for vaccination records to provide to the groomer. Some Nevada counties even require dogs to wear tags on their collars indicating they’ve received the vaccine.


Parvovirus is extremely deadly, and it’s becoming more common. This dangerous virus typically first appears with bloody diarrhea and is spread when the dog comes into contacted with infected feces. In some cases, the parvovirus can kill a dog as quickly in two days. The virus can even linger on shared spaces for up to two years. The only way to protect your dog is with the vaccine.


Bordetella, more commonly known as kennel cough, can spread rapidly through a shared space. The virus causes inflammation in the dog’s upper respiratory system, leading to coughing and an increased chance of developing other illnesses. Luckily, kennel cough is treatable. Dogs are given two doses when they are under 16 weeks of age. Booster shots are then given every two years.

Canine influenza

Canine influenza is the dog equivalent of the flu. It’s transmitted from dog to dog by coughing, sneezing and barking. The virus can linger on surfaces for hours, making it easy to catch at the kennel or on shared bowls. Dogs will develop a nasty cough in addition to a fever, decreased appetite and lethargy for up to three weeks after exposure. Nevada recommends all dogs receive the vaccine if they’re going to be taken to a grooming, boarding or daycare facility.

All vaccinations need to be administered about two to four weeks apart to be effective. Keep the vaccination documents to prove your dog has been properly vaccinated. Your vet should be able to print a copy if you can’t find the original. Your groomers will request a copy of the records to keep on file.

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