Do I Need to Use Conditioner on My Dog?

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Bathing your dog isn’t very fun. This is usually because dogs hate baths. So who wants to both shampoo and condition their dog’s fur? Once the fur is clean, you’ve probably had enough.

However, conditioner can vastly improve the health and shine of your dog’s coat. Maybe the best plan of action is to trust professionals in dog grooming in Henderson, NV. They can make the experience a pleasant one for your pet while also taking care of their coat and making it look beautiful again. Read on to find out all the benefits of using conditioner for your dog:

  • Next-level clean: Just like with human hair, for dogs, conditioner gets rid of all that dirt, grit and grime that’s built up. You know what your dog is up to—digging around your yard, playing with other dogs, wreaking havoc on your garden—and that means you want the dog to be as clean as possible. Your furniture, carpets and rugs will all thank you!
  • A beautiful coat: If you only shampoo the dog’s fur, that means the hair shafts will still be open, allowing oils and hydration to vanish. Conditioner closes the hair follicle, restoring hydration and maintaining moisture and elasticity.
  • Rescuing hair: Did you know that drying, brushing, de-matting and even petting can result in damage to your dog’s hair? That’s why it’s vital to undo the damage of normal wear and tear with a conditioner. Doing so will make the dog’s hair smooth and lustrous.
  • Different coats for different pups: Dogs with long coats, like Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese Terriers, are more prone to matting. Using a conditioner will make it that much easier to get rid of those persistent tangles and mats in the dog’s fur. Dogs that don’t have undercoats benefit tremendously from conditioner. This hair is similar to a human’s, so it’s thin and easy to tangle. Conditioner can treat this very well.
  • Removes itchy skin: Another benefit of conditioner is that it can help dogs with itchy skin. It does so by getting rid of allergens that irritate the skin. A mixture that includes oatmeal, aloe or burdock is helpful to restore the damaged skin and aid in the fight against inflammation.

If you want cuddling with your dog to feel comfier than ever before, try out the professionals in dog grooming in Henderson, NV. The Soggy Dog is your destination for a prim and pampered pooch! We’re proud to be the premier destination for dog grooming in the region, offering you the option to wash your own dog or indulge them in a professional grooming.

Trust our friendly and knowledgeable team to pair your dog with the best products and services. Spend some one-on-one time lathering up your pup and bonding with them over a thorough bath, or trust our caring team to give them top-to-bottom grooming. Our goal is to send you home with a freshly-bathed dog with a tail that won’t stop wagging with happiness! Stop by our store today and find out how we can help your best friend!

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