Common Types of Dog Haircuts

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It’s important as a dog owner that you keep your pup clean and healthy—this will go a long way toward keeping them happy, as well! Dog salons are great places for your dog to get some loving attention and also to come away feeling and looking clean and fresh.

There are a variety of different styles of dog haircuts that you can choose from, and you can talk with your groomer to determine which might look best on your dog depending on its breed and type of fur. Here are just a few examples of some of the most common and popular haircuts that a dog grooming service in Henderson, NV can help you give your pet:

  • Teddy bear cut: This one is a favorite for dogs that have a lot of fur—especially smaller dogs with thick curls. The cut keeps more hair around the face than around the rest of the body. It doesn’t require the groomer to go too short—you can select whatever length is ideal for your dog. A shorter cut, though, when appropriate, can exaggerate the teddy bear effect and be pretty adorable depending on the kind of dog you have and how well it behaves with the groomer.
  • Shave: You generally want to avoid shaving most dogs, but sometimes, if they have a whole lot of mats, you might not have any other choice. You need to be really careful when getting a dog shaved—going too short could result in some issues with skin protection and sun damage.
  • Kennel cut: If you’re not too picky about your dog’s style, you can get the simple kennel cut that leaves all of the dog’s fur at a uniform length. That length is up to you—it’s often a shorter cut, but in a grooming setting you can do pretty much whatever you want. The name comes from the idea of a groomer at a kennel having to get through numerous dogs in a single day, so they do something as easy and efficient as possible that still looks good. Depending on the type of dog you have, this might be the best choice for you.
  • Poodle cut: Think of your standard poodle, and that’s the general idea of the poodle cut. The idea with this style is to keep short fur along the dog’s body, with more on top of the head and around the neck. It’s typically reserved for poodles (hence the name), but can work with some dogs that have lots of fluff on them.
  • Top knot: The top knot style involves creating a furry sort of poof right on top of the dog’s head. The edges of the poof stay clean and round. This is a style commonly used for show dogs, as when done correctly it can not only be very attractive, but also lend a very sophisticated appearance to the dog.
  • Lamb cut: This cut is sort of the opposite of the teddy bear cut. Here, the dog’s body and head get trimmed down, but the legs remain fluffy. This is especially ideal for curly-haired dogs in the summer months. It’s common with Airedales, for example, and various other types of curly terriers. With our hot Nevada summers, this is a cut that could very well be in your dog’s best interest!

These are just a few examples of some of the most common styles of dog haircuts. For more information and tips, or to schedule dog grooming service in Henderson, NV, reach out to The Soggy Dog today!

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