Four Reasons to Use a Self-Service Dog Wash

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Dogs of all breeds love to explore and enjoy life, and getting dirty is an inevitable part of all that exploration and adventure. Instead of washing your dog with the hose or in your tub at home—or relying on the groomers to wash her—it’s best to visit a self-service dog wash that has all the equipment you need for a good wash at a fraction of the price. Here are four reasons why you should use a self-service dog wash to get your pooch clean.

Keep the mess out of your home

The primary advantage of using a self-service dog wash is that you won’t be making a mess in your own home. During bathing, your pup may be looking super clean, but there’s inevitably going to be mud and fur around, especially if you’re giving her a bath in your bathtub. Not only are you going to be spending plenty of time scrubbing and rinsing your pet, but you’ll also face the annoying task of cleaning the bathtub, and likely the entire bathroom, once your pet is clean. It’s smart to visit a self-service dog wash whenever your pup needs a good bath, since you can walk out the door and leave any mess behind.

Quicker drying times

Most self-service dog washes are fully equipped with everything you need to wash and dry your dog, including professional dryers or air blasters. Instead of waiting for your pup to get dry after a wash at home, visit a self-service dog wash to keep your clean, but wet, dog from running through the house and potentially damaging carpets and furniture. A quick dry is especially important for dogs with curly hair, making it easy for you to remove matted fur and ensure a smooth, shiny coat.

Reducing costs

If you regularly have your dog bathed by a groomer, you’re spending a lot of money on something that you can easily do yourself. Bathing your dog at a self-service dog wash can cost up to 60 percent less than having a groomer do it. You’ll also reduce some of your pup’s anxiety. While groomers are highly trained at bathing dogs and keeping them comfortable during the entire process, your dog can still experience some anxiety during a trip to the groomer. It’s simply better for your pup to be in your presence rather than putting her through the stress of a bath with someone she doesn’t know.

Professional expertise is always nearby

Many self-service dog washes have trained grooming professionals on hand to offer advice on shampoos, brushes, combs and other products that would be beneficial for your pup. They can guide you to the right products to ensure your dog will leave with a shinier, healthier coat.

A self-service dog wash is a practical and affordable place to get even the dirtiest of dogs sparkling clean. Stop by The Soggy Dog today to give your pooch a no-hassle, no-mess wash. Your pup will be happier, and you will be too!

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