The Best (and Safest) Thanksgiving Foods to Share With Your Dog

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While piling up your plate on Thanksgiving, you might be tempted to sneak some tasty morsels to your favorite pooch. After all, Thanksgiving is all about sharing delicious food with those you love most and your four-legged family members should be included in the festivities.

If you’re wondering what the safest Thanksgiving dinner recipes for dogs are, keep reading below.

Is it safe to share Thanksgiving dinner with my dog?

Before you pass the last bit of mashed potatoes on your plate to your pup, it’s a good idea to think twice and consider whether this food is safe for them. No one wants a trip to the emergency veterinary hospital any day of the year, but it’s especially awful to rush a dog to the vet on a cherished holiday.

Unfortunately, emergency vets have a spike in cases around the holidays because many well-meaning family members feed their animals foods that are unsafe for their delicate systems. If you want to get your dogs in on the Thanksgiving action without hurting them, opt for foods tested and approved for canine consumption.

Naturally, if your dog has a specific health problem like diabetes or food sensitivities, you should double-check with your vet before the holiday to see if it’s a good or safe idea to give your dog new foods. When in doubt, it might be best to leave the Thanksgiving dishes for the human diners at the table and buy your dog a special treat so that they can have a fun meal without sacrificing their health or safety in the process.

What food can I share with my dog on Thanksgiving?

In terms of safe foods on the Thanksgiving table for dogs, sweet potatoes, turkey, and pumpkin have all been approved by veterinarians for most dogs to consume. Some vegetables, such as green beans, are also safe for dogs to eat on the holidays. Baked or boiled potatoes free from salt and butter are also good options for your dog on Thanksgiving.

Generally, it’s best to avoid foods containing bones, sugar, alcohol, and high fat when feeding your dog. If you want to feed your dog Thanksgiving food, you may want to set some ingredients aside, such as potatoes, while making mashed potatoes and prepare them separately for your dog, so they’re safe.

If you want to make recipes specifically safe for your dog, skinless, boneless white turkey meat, raw green beans, unseasoned plain cooked butternut squash, sugar-free canned pumpkin, and raw seedless apple slices are all great foods for your dog.

In conclusion, when your dog begs for food on Thanksgiving, you can toss some foods like boneless, white turkey, or raw green beans his way. You should avoid letting your dog sample foods cooked in fat or sugar for health reasons.

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