How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

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Regularly washing your dog is one of the most frequently neglected aspects of dog ownership. If you have an active dog, you might wash your dog pretty regularly, just because of how dirty it gets on its own. But many people with housedogs, because they don’t tend to look as obviously dirty, don’t wash their dogs nearly enough.

How often, then, should you wash your dog?

At least once a month, no more than once a week

The simplest answer is “whenever your dog needs it.” Unless your pup has some type of skin problem or rash, you’re not going to harm your dog by over washing it. All the same, soap and shampoo can, over time, dry out your dog’s skin, just as they can with your own skin. With that in mind, we’d suggest that unless your dog is extraordinarily stinky, and this negatively impacts your daily life, you not bathe your dog more than one time per week. And if you do wash them this often, we’d suggest you use a special moisturizing shampoo to make sure that the bathing does not dry out your dog’s skin.

Tips for washing your dog yourself

Attempting a self dog wash in Henderson, NV can be a frustrating experience. Certainly not every dog enjoys a bath, and many dogs, though they trust their owners implicitly in every other aspect of their lives, can never be taught to really enjoy a bath. Here are a few good tips for making bath time easier:

  • Bathe the body first, then the head: When your dog’s head gets wet, they tend to shake it and their body by instinct. To avoid this, wash their body first and then move to their head only after you’ve gotten all of the soap and shampoo out of their body fur.
  • Use tear-free shampoo, baby soap or soap designed specifically for dogs: With your dog moving around, it’s difficult to wash them without getting some soap into their eyes or mouth. To mitigate this unpleasantness, use shampoos that are extremely gentle on the eyes when washing your dog. Also, remember that dogs spend a lot of time licking themselves, and because of this, you should try to use soap and shampoo with as few chemicals as possible, as your dog will likely end up ingesting some traces of whatever shampoo you use.
  • How to deal with an incessant barker: If, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to give your dog a bath without it losing its mind and barking, you may want to consider hiring a professional to wash your dog. They have more experience washing a wider variety of dogs than you likely do, and are used to dealing with frustrated barking dogs, even big dogs such as Great Danes and pit bulls.

Self dog wash in Henderson, NV

The Soggy Dog has been the place to go to bathe your dog in Henderson, NV, since 2006. You can trust our team of expert dog groomers to take care of your little loved one. Or, if you’d prefer, you can take advantage of our self dog wash services and spend some quality time with your beloved pup. We provide all the shampoo, conditioner, water, towels and brushes necessary to get your dog clean and smelling like a puppy again. And because we specialize in dog grooming, you can trust that the products we use are safe for your dog. If you’re in the area, come on down today and try our self dog wash in Henderson, NV. Your dog will thank you.

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