What No One Tells You About Dog Grooming in Henderson, NV

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All in all, dog grooming is a rewarding job. For a person who loves animals, it can be quite fulfilling to spend your days surrounded by happy, bouncy pups. We thought it might be fun to give you a little peak behind the curtain and share with you some things that no one tells you about dog grooming in Henderson, NV.

Good grooming equipment is expensive, but bad equipment can hurt your dog

We are very much approving of self dog washing, but we feel like hair cutting and other more intensive dog maintenance can be done better and safer by professionals, as it’s way easier than you think to hurt your dog if you don’t have the right equipment. It’s very common for people to nick their dog’s skin when cutting their hair on their own, or to cut too deep when trimming their claws. We also see dogs who have been traumatized by past bathing experiences, where they got water in their ears and subsequently got ear infections. Dog grooming equipment is necessary because it helps us do our best to avoid these little injuries to our pups when we groom them.

Dog’s pick up each other’s energy, so sometimes one nervous dog can make other dogs nervous

This one may not be a surprise, especially if you’ve got lots of dog park experience, but just one dog can really affect the group dynamic of a lot of other dogs. The good news is that this works both ways. Just like one nervous dog can make other dogs nervous, one really calm and happy dog, especially an older dog, can help other dogs calm down. Sometimes, if you’ve got a lot of nervous dogs, it’s a good trick to bring in one very calm dog and just have them hang out and nap around the other dogs. It goes a long way to calming the group down.

Some people treat their dogs like toys

The vast majority of the people we work with love their dogs and really recognize their individual personalities. These people only want what’s best for their dogs. There are, however, some people who treat their dogs more like a toy or some sort of luxury fashion item than a real dog. As such, it’s not too uncommon that we get requests to bleach and dye dogs, or to make one breed of dog look like another by changing its hair color or curling its hair. When we get requests that will not hurt the dog and are within our power to perform, we’ll do them (we won’t bleach and re-dye dark colored dogs, though), but occasionally we feel like the little pup is getting the short end of the stick by being made into something they’re not.

Good grooming means accentuating your dog’s natural features, not changing them

This is closely related to our previous point. Your dog is very much designed to fulfill a certain purpose, and every aspect of your dog helps it fulfill that purpose. If you shave your poodle or clip your Doberman’s ears, you’re not just changing the way it looks, but actually negatively affecting its ability to do what it was designed to do.

Professional dog grooming in Henderson, NV

Our dog groomers are dedicated dog lovers. This is what makes the Soggy Dog the premier dog grooming spot in all of Henderson, NV. Come in today and speak with our team of dog grooming experts. We can help you understand your dog’s grooming needs, and will make sure your sweet dog gets all the pampering they deserve.

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