Barksgiving: Tips for Getting Your Dog Socialized and Ready for the Holidays!

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The holidays are a busy time for most of us. Between getting the house ready for dinner guests and shopping for groceries to prepare a feast, it’s not unusual to feel stressed. And for households with pets, it’s important that you make time to prepare your fur babies for holiday visitors. That is why you must make a plan to survive the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving.

No matter your dog’s age, the time is now to practice their social skills so they can join in on the holiday fun; otherwise, they’ll likely end up spending Thanksgiving in another room away from the party. It’s also not a bad idea to take your pup to a local dog wash in Henderson, NV. A clean, socialized and stress-free dog is a happy dog! Here are some tips for getting your dog socialized and ready for the holidays.

Meet other dogs

Your dog may be around other dogs this holiday, so in a controlled setting, let your dog practice meeting other dogs off leash—being on a lead makes them more territorial. Face them away from the other dog with one arm around their stomach and one arm around their chest to invite a doggie “sniff” greeting. It could take a few minutes for them to become comfortable and calm with each other.

Meet new humans

Some of your holiday guests will want to see your dog, but that decision is up to you. If you do bring your dog out to meet people but they have not been socialized, keep them on a leash and let your guests know you are working on social skills. Ask people not to touch or pet just yet. First, have them give a dog treat and say hello. If your dog does not appear anxious, instruct your guest to pet them on the back or chest, rather than on the top of the head, which is perceived as a dominating gesture.

Create a safe place

Your dog should always have a safe place to go in the house—and this is especially important during the holidays when visitors are coming and going. Make sure they are clean and comfortable by taking them to a dog wash in Henderson, NV for a bath, but also use a crate so they feel secure. Put them in their safe space in the event they get nervous or in the way during dinner.

Practice front door behavior

If your dog gets excited when someone knocks on the front door, you’ll want to practice good behavior before holiday guests arrive. Try teaching your dog to sit and stay at the sound of the doorbell, and don’t open the door until they are sitting and calm. About 30 minutes before guests are scheduled to arrive, take them on a fast-paced walk or play hard to tire them out. Ultimately, you may consider putting your dog in their safe place if they are too excitable or nervous around people.

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