Happy Holidogs! Choose the Right Food for Your Four-Legged Family Member

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We all love our dogs and want the very best for them. That’s why it’s so important to carefully consider the food we feed them. The right food will keep them fit, healthy, energetic and alert, helping them grow into beautiful adults and enjoy a long life. The wrong food, on the other hand, can lead to poor health and long-term health issues.

The Soggy Dog has some facts and tips to help you learn more about the right food for your dog, so the next time you visit your local pet store in Henderson, NV, you’ll know just what to pick up!

Every dog has specific nutritional requirements

Most basic dog foods have at least the bare minimum requirement of nutrients for dogs, but this doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. In fact, even some “good” dog foods might just not be quite right for your dog. This is because dogs have different nutritional needs, just like humans. For example, a growing puppy should have a food that’s designed to nurture and support pups as they grow, whereas an adult dog requires a different set of nutrients to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Other factors include a dog’s breed, weight and specific health struggles.

Don’t buy into the hype

Just because a company makes claims about how great its dog food is, that doesn’t mean it’s actually a good choice for your dog.

The best way to know for sure what’s myth and what’s fact is to check the sources behind the information. These sources could include the professional advice of respected veterinarians, confirmed scientific evidence or results of accurate research studies.

Understand the label

The number of dog food bags at your local pet store in Henderson, NV can be absolutely overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a good way to weed out unworthy contenders fairly quickly, just by checking the ingredients list on the back of the bag for specific keywords. Be warned: Many dog food companies try to be sneaky with the way their ingredients are presented, so don’t be taken in! Here are a few tips:

  • The product name says a lot. If the name says “beef,” this means that by law, beef must make up a minimum of 70 percent of the whole bag. On the other hand, the title “with beef” means that, in reality, the bag may only contain about 3 percent beef. That’s a huge difference!
  • Check the ingredients list carefully. Some companies split up all the different kinds of corn they use to make it seem more balanced, or use whole meats (which have more water weight) instead of meat meal, which provides a higher level of meat overall. Also, check to see if the label says “complete and balanced,” because this means the food is in compliance with the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ requirements.

These are just a couple of starting tips. Be sure to do more research, call the dog food company directly and speak to your veterinarian in order to ensure you get the best food for your pup. Happy holidays from The Soggy Dog!

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