2018: The Year of More Treats!

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Is there anything more adorable than your dog cocking his head at the sound of the treat bag opening? It’s true—our furry four-legged friends are smart enough to know a good thing when they hear it. In fact, they’ll even do tricks just to get a taste of their treats!

Treats are more than just a novelty for your dog. In fact, they should be more than a rarity as well. Treats actually have an important place in your pet’s life—you just need to know how to leverage them appropriately. Instead of making them the coveted “only on special occasions” extravagance, consider making 2018 the year of more treats!

A Training Tool

Training a new pup to be on its best behavior? The easiest way to get them in lock-step with your expectations is to head to your local pet supply store in Henderson, NV and pick up some treats. Treats are a great way to provide positive reinforcement for good behavior, elicit a certain response from commands or teach your dog right from wrong.

The caveat here is to use treats that are relatively healthy, or even foods that are healthy under the guise of treats. For example, some breeds love carrots, making them a great treat substitute.

To Show Your Love

After a long, hard day at work, your dog is probably ready to greet you at the door, to shower you with love and affection. More than belly rubs and coos of “good boy,” you can also toss your pooch a treat from time to time, to show them you really love them! Treats are a great way to reciprocate positivity and your dog will enjoy them even more when they’re associated with love and affection.

Get Their Attention

A treat can really do the trick if you’re trying to get your dog’s attention—whether you’re trying to snap a picture of your pup wearing sunglasses or just want to draw their attention away from that pesky squirrel outside. Treats are a welcome distraction and can be used from time to time if you want your dog’s attention somewhere specific. No dog is going to turn away from the coveted treat!

Teach a Trick

Shake, roll over and play dead are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tricks your dog will do for a treat! Just look at the many YouTube videos of dogs riding skateboards, pups doing backflips and more. These dogs enjoy their time in the spotlight because they know it’ll be followed with praise and a treat. If you’re planning on making your own dog YouTube famous, treats are a necessity.

More Treats!

Make it a point to give your dog more treats in 2018, but be sure you’re only giving them treats that are good for them. Stop by a pet supply store in Henderson, NV and ask about heart-healthy treats and other treat options that are healthy enough for more frequent use. Your dog will thank you each time they hear that treat bag open.

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