Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Love Bath Time: Info from a Self Service Dog Wash in Henderson, NV

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Some dogs love being groomed, but most would rather avoid the process entirely, unless they have been trained otherwise. If you have a hard time getting your pup to obey when attempting to brush it, cut its nails or give it a bath, there are some tips you can try out to teach it to love being groomed and cleaned!

Here are some tips from our self service dog wash in Henderson, NV about how you can help your pup learn to love bath time:

  • Always use a cue for bath time: Just as you use commands and cues for mealtime and bedtime, you should use a command for bath time, like “bath.” By associating a word with the bath, you can help remove the element of surprise that comes with a bath. In many cases, dogs only get nervous or anxious around bath time because it comes as a surprise, so helping to remove their fear of the unknown will in turn help them to relax and behave better during the bathing process.
  • Pair it with something your dog loves: The best way to get your dog to behave during bath time and begin enjoying the process is to pair it with something it loves. You can reserve some special treats that you only give the dog at bath time—that way the dog will always associate getting a bath with that tasty treat! You might also consider using special chews or bones that will keep your dog occupied for a while, or food puzzles they can play with to try to get at the food hidden inside. Even something as simple as a Kong with frozen bananas or peanut butter inside can do the trick.
  • Use warm water: Cold water can make dogs panic, so use warm water instead. Pair this with an anti-skit mat or towel in the tub (or whatever means you use to contain your dog). Many dogs get scared in the bath because their feet slip around, and they can’t keep their bodies under control. You might consider using grooming tethers or nylon lead collars to keep control of the dog, so long as you avoid choking the pup.
  • Don’t douse the dog with water: Dogs get nervous when they get doused with massive amounts of water at once. Use smaller trickles of water instead. Never spray the dog’s face. When washing the face, use a damp cloth, as this is much less frightening than having water splashing on its snout. Try your best to keep water and shampoo from running into its eyes.
  • Use a special pet shower sprayer: They make special pet shower attachments that help better meet the dog’s bathing needs, which can be quite useful for a squeamish pooch!

A self service dog wash in Henderson, NV will have all the equipment and tools you need to turn bath time into fun time for your pup. Contact The Soggy Dog today for more info about how we can help you get your dog nice and clean!

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