Dry vs. Wet Dog Food: Which Is Better?

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Archaeological records indicate that humans first domesticated dogs more than 15,000 years ago. Ever since then, people have cared for and enjoyed the companionship of their formerly fierce furry friends. Because dogs are natural omnivores descended from wolfs and other large canines, they require complex diets with lots of raw proteins and healthy grains. Choosing the right dog food in Henderson, NV for your pup can be challenging, but consulting with a qualified expert at a local pet supply store can make the process substantially easier.

Today, there are two common types of mass-produced dog foods available: dry food, which comes in large sacks and bags, and wet food, which is most commonly canned. While both of these foods have merits, you should be aware of the nutritional differences presented by each before determining which type of pet food is right for your animal.

Benefits of wet food

Because dogs enjoy their food primarily through smell before tasting it, wet food has an automatic advantage over dry food: it’s stinky! Additionally, wet food can help hydrate pets that don’t drink enough water. Dogs that have bad teeth, or who are ill, can also enjoy wet food more easily, meaning that it is perfectly suited for older pets. Wet food can also be used as a training reward.

It’s important to realize, however, that wet food should be eaten immediately after being opened. If wet food is left out, mold and bacteria can grow inside of it, potentially making your dog ill. Dispose of any leftover wet food as soon as your dog is done eating.

Benefits of dry food

Dry food, on the other hand, is substantially more convenient than wet food. Dry food can be easily stored and distributed to your pet.

Additionally, dry food helps keep your dog’s teeth in better repair, because the crunching action required to eat it can remove plaque. Some types of kibble are actually specially formulated to clean your pet’s teeth.

Dry foods tend to have higher levels of fiber, which can make it easier for your dog to defecate. They do not have the high protein content of wet foods, however.

The best diet for your dog typically involves a healthy combination of both wet and dry food. Mixing wet and dry dog food can help you ensure that you are giving the best of both worlds to your hungry pup.

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