What to Do with Your Dog in the Pool

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Pools are made with families in mind, and for some, that includes dogs. Swimming is great exercise for dogs, and many breeds enjoy going for a refreshing dip. It’s also a great way to cool off during the hot summer months. A dog in a pool does mean more cleaning for you, however. Most dogs bring in about three times the water that a human does when going for a swim. You’ll also want to make sure the dog is clean, which you can do by bringing them to a dog wash in Henderson, NV, like The Soggy Dog. There are also some pool routines you’ll want to follow to make sure your dog enjoys their swim to the fullest, and as safely as possible:

  • Avoid water in the ears: Dogs are at a greater risk for ear infections if they go swimming. Swimming pools always have bacteria and other germs, no matter how well cleaned they are. Dog ear canals are sensitive and more at risk for infections. Just a little effort, though, can go a long way. Cleaning and drying out their ears right after a swim can really help keep your dog healthy. The staff at your local dog wash in Henderson, NV can also help by pointing out the best ways to dry and clean a dog’s ears.
  • Pets—they’re just like us: When a dog gets out of the pool, you’ll want to wash them off, just as you would do for yourself. This will prevent skin irritation from chlorine. A dog wash can really help after a particularly long day at the pool, but a simple washing off with a hose or in the shower can also work. Chlorine can dry out a dog’s skin and fur, causing problems.
  • Dry, dry, dry: You’ll also want to thoroughly dry off your dog. A wet dog can lead to bad smells, but also matted fur. This can cause other problems. You’ll always want to make sure your dog is thoroughly dried off after getting out of the pool. A dog wash, like The Soggy Dog, can help with your drying technique to make sure you get all of the moisture.
  • Getting out without issues: Many dogs that enjoy swimming have no problem jumping in. Others may need to slowly walk in. You’ll want to make sure they know how to get in and get out of the pool. That means helping them get in or get out if they need help. You’ll also want to take into account how to get out. Some dogs will have no problem getting out of a pool without steps, but others will. There are some options for doggie ramps that you can look into.

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