How to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy and Shiny

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You know that regular grooming makes your fur baby look and feel great, so it’s important to do it right! Dog grooming in Henderson, NV includes brushing, washing and drying your dog’s fur, but nutrition and proper grooming techniques also play a big role in maintaining healthy skin cells and hair follicles. Here are some tips to help keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Brush your pup daily

Most people brush their hair at least once a day. Brushing keeps your hair from tangling and removes dead strands. The result is shinier, smoother looking hair. Regular brushing can do the same for your dog, but to ensure proper do-it-yourself dog grooming in Henderson, NV, you should brush your dog’s coat every day. The benefits of brushing your pet’s fur on a daily basis include improved circulation and the removal of dead skin cells and loose hairs, which makes their coat shinier.

Be sure you’re using a dog hairbrush that works best for your pup. There are brushes available for long, medium and short hair dogs, as well as different styles of brushes. When brushing, brush in the direction the hair grows, then lightly in the opposite direction, and again in the direction of hair growth.

Feed your dog nutritious food

Feeding your dog a healthy and nutritious diet is the easiest way to help them maintain a shiny and healthy coat. The fur on pets lacking key nutrients typically has a dull, unhealthy appearance, and their skin condition is poor. Look for labels with only natural, real food ingredients like meat protein (not chicken, beef, lamb or fish “meal”), wholesome vegetables and the right amount of added vitamins and minerals. The healthiest store-bought dog foods are also high in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, but you can also get these ingredients in supplement form.

Choose the right shampoo

Find out how often your dog’s breed should be bathed, or play around with bathing frequencies for mixed or unknown breeds. The next step is to use a shampoo that matches your dog’s skin and hair type. For example, dogs with dry skin tend to benefit from moisturizing shampoos that take care of itchy or flaky skin. Dogs with a history of ticks or fleas need a flea and tick shampoo that actually works. Some puppies and certain breeds of dogs need de-odorizing shampoos, while dogs with long hair could benefit from tangle-fighting products.

Use a shine-boosting shampoo with beneficial minerals, vitamins and proteins, but make sure to avoid shampoos containing artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals.

Visit the vet or a dog groomer

If you’re feeding your dog nutritious food, brushing them the right way every day and bathing them on a regular schedule, but their coat is still lacking shine, it may be time to call the vet. Dull fur and itchy skin could be signs of more troublesome issues, such as allergies or illness. You can also make an appointment for dog grooming in Henderson, NV with an expert at The Soggy Dog. Call or visit us anytime!

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