The Quickest Way to Dry Your Dog

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There are many good tips out there for successful pet grooming in Henderson, NV, but one tip takes the cake—how to dry your dog faster. Whether you bathe your dog at home or take your pup to a do-it-yourself dog wash, this dog drying speed hack is for you!

The drying hack

If your dog is like many other dogs, he or she does not like to stay wet for long, especially after being subjected to a bath. They can shake and shake, get blotted with several towels, then shake to remove more water, or you can use a tried and true dog drying hack: simply wrap your wet dog in a towel and leave it on for a while. This method draws a lot of moisture from the coat, which makes drying quicker.

Simply put, the benefit of wrapping your dog in a towel after a bath is a grooming process that makes drying much easier. On the market is a towel called The Absorber. We’ll take a closer look at this below!

Wrapping does work

Wrapping your damp dog in a towel is a proven drying method, and it’s one of the best dog grooming techniques available. Used by people for at-home dog bathing and dog groomers alike, all you do is wrap your wet dog in a towel—just like how you might wrap your wet hair in a towel after a shower—and wait for moisture to absorb into the dry towel. Although not all the water is removed, it’s a great, non-invasive way to begin drying your dog.

The Absorber

While you can use cotton towels to dry your dog, drying products like The Absorber can have your dog looking great in no time. This unique towel has a sponge-like texture that allows it to soak up water faster and better than regular bath towels or microfiber towels. Another plus is that dog fur shakes right off it instead of getting rinsed off and clogging the washing machine. And you only need one of them! Wrap, wait, wring—use it as many times as needed to dry your pup.

Another benefit of The Absorber is that you’ll have no more large volumes of dog-scented water and loose fur all over your bathroom or the grooming area, because now there’s less water on their coat when they do shake. Messes are contained, and the grooming session can wrap up smoothly.

Towel wrapping tip

Whether you use The Absorber or a regular bath towel, the key to faster drying is to completely wrap your dog. Drape the towel over the back of your dog, pull one end of the towel under the dog’s tummy and the other under their chest. Pull tight and secure with a clip.

If bath time is bonding time for you and your dog, but you don’t have the space, the right shampoo or grooming products, come to The Soggy Dog. Our do-it-yourself dog washing stations are the perfect setting for stress-free pet grooming in Henderson, NV. Bring your pup in today!

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