Why Do Dogs Roll Around on Bath Towels?

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Have you ever had a dog that gets obsessed with rolling around on freshly used towels? This is a common phenomenon in dogs—if you leave out damp towels, they’re almost definitely going to go roll around on them. They might even try to roll around in laundry, if you have piles of laundry laying around in places where the dog can get to.

Why exactly do dogs do this? Here’s some information from our experts in dog grooming in Henderson, NV.

They love your scent

Dogs quickly gain an affinity for the scents of their family members. Any time you see a dog trying to get at or rub itself on dirty laundry or used towels, this is because these items have your scent on them. Think of it as a compliment—your dog loves you a lot and shares a special bond with you, and wants to be in places or take items that have your scent on it. In the majority of cases involving dogs playing with or rolling on used towels or dirty laundry, this is the primary reason for their actions.

They’re in a good mood

If you notice that your dog tends to roll around on your towels after it’s had its own bath, this is simply because your dog feels rejuvenated after having a bath and is in a good mood. A bath is refreshing for your dog, and results in them having a lot of energy. One of the first things a dog will do after a bath is shake off or roll around, often on top of towels or bath rugs. This, combined with having a chance to rub in your scent, is simply too much for your dog to be able to resist.

They want to establish their dominance and territory

In some cases, the dominance theory in dogs can apply to why they like to roll around in towels and laundry. It’s natural and instinctive for dogs to want to assert their dominance over other animals. It actually serves as a defense against predators. It also is a way in which dogs establish their positions within their packs. In your house, you are part of the dog’s pack, so your dog rubbing on your possessions (including your towels) could be partially about trying to establish its position within your house. It might also simply be a signal to other animals in your home (whether you have other pets or not) that you and your possessions belong to the dog.

Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about dogs that make a habit of rolling around on wet towels—this is perfectly normal. Just enjoy watching your pup play around, it’s not hurting anything, and ultimately it’s a healthy way for it to express some of its instincts while also complimenting you!

For more information about some other types of common doggy behaviors, or to schedule an appointment for dog grooming in Henderson, NV, reach out to the team at The Soggy Dog today!

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