How to Help Soothe Your Dog’s Grooming Anxiety

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Some dogs absolutely love going to the self-groomers. They’re excited for the chance to bond with you during a bath and for the opportunity to get some pampering. For others, grooming can be nerve-racking. Adopted, rescued and even brand-new puppies can feel anxious when they go to the groomers.

It can be painful for a pet owner to watch their dog shake, whine or cry as they approach the grooming shop. Your dog could be anxious for a variety of reasons. While we might not always be able to determine the cause, there are some things you can do to try to help your dog calm down. Calming a dog’s anxiety will help make the self-grooming process go more smoothly, both for Fido and for you. Follow these tips to help soothe your dog’s grooming anxiety.

Exercise ahead of time

A tired dog is a happy dog. Dogs love nothing more than to have the chance to sniff, play, explore and mark their territory. Take your dog on a walk or to play fetch at the park immediately before coming in for dog grooming in Henderson, NV. That will give them time to relieve themselves and work out some of that nervous energy.

Make the groomer’s a fun place to visit

Help your dog feel more comfortable by visiting the store ahead of time. Allow your dog to sniff around and become familiar with the store at their own pace. If possible, ask the staff to give your dog a few treats to build a positive association with the place. This will also help them become more familiar with some of the sights, sounds and smells of dog grooming in Henderson, NV.

Exposure therapy

For many dogs, the groomer is nerve-racking because it’s unfamiliar. Try to expose your dog to as many of the things you’ll see at the groomer at home. Give them a bath at home to help them get used to water, and turn on a blow dryer so they can learn that this sound isn’t scary. Always follow up each experience with a treat. While this might seem excessive, it’s sure to help a nervous dog feel more comfortable.

Think smart

Look back at your last grooming experience and identify what exactly made your dog feel uncomfortable. For example, a dog frightened by the grooming table might feel more comfortable if they have the time to sniff it out before having their hair dried. Dogs that dislike having their faces in running water, meanwhile, might prefer a facial wipe or a damp cloth. Products like the Happy Hoodie and Mutt Muffs can help dogs who are sensitive to sound. Increasing the frequency of treats or adding a few more belly rubs throughout the experience can help keep their anxiety levels under control.

Visit us for dog grooming in Henderson, NV

Grooming can be a fun bonding experience for both dog and owner. The Soggy Dog provides a comfortable and safe environment to groom and bathe your dog. Best of all, they’re always in the safest hands: yours. Stop by today to check us out!

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