Protecting Your Pet from Foxtails

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If you love taking your dog out in the great outdoors, like going hiking, camping or fishing, chances are, they’re eventually going to have an encounter with foxtails. These might seem like a simple annoyance that can be discarded, but they’re actually much more dangerous than you think. The fact is that foxtails are like small arrows capable of diving deeper into the dog’s body and causing a variety of problems.

You always want to be prepared to help your pooch with the help of a store specializing in pet supplies in Henderson, NV. Let’s take a look at what you can do to protect against the dangers of foxtails:

  • The dangers foxtails pose: Foxtails can burrow into the skin anywhere in the body, but the most likely spot is through the eyes and nose. Dogs often come into contact with foxtails when they’re following the scent of something else. The dog will often begin sneezing if the foxtail comes into contact with the nose. Foxtails can result in corneal ulcers, ruptures of the eye, punctured eardrums and many other health ailments.
  • Signs that trouble is coming: A dog that comes into contact with a foxtail will often shake its head, tilt its head in one direction or rub its ear on the ground. Another sign is persistent licking in one area, such as between the toes.
  • How to prevent foxtail contact: Be very thorough about checking the animal after an outdoor jaunt. Keep the dog’s hair as short as possible during the summer, especially on the head and feet.
  • When to contact the veterinarian: The reality is that it’s quite difficult to remove foxtails once they’ve been implanted in the skin. This is due to their shape—when the foxtail is removed, often part of it breaks off, causing additional problems. That means it’s best to leave things to the professionals. If your pet is showing signs of distress like those listed above and could have come into contact with a foxtail, then it’s time to call the vet. If you’re able to catch the problem early enough, it may be possible to remove the foxtail safely, which is why it’s better to call in the first place rather than wait.

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