The Grooming Secrets Behind AKC Show Dogs

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If you’ve ever watched an AKC dog show before, you were probably blown away at how perfectly groomed all the dogs were. Of course, as with any “beauty” show, the standards of grooming and appearance at these shows aren’t exactly easy to attain. There is a lot that goes into preparing dogs for these shows so they look and perform their best.

Here are some of the “secrets” behind these AKC show dogs, from a dog groomer in Henderson, NV:

  • Exercise: Show dogs get a lot of exercise every single day. They feel their best and are more confident when they’re in great shape, just like people. It’s not unusual for these dogs to not only go on regular walks, but to go swimming with weighted vests, or to have actual “workouts” beyond just going out and running around a yard.
  • Food: For people, the common phrase is “abs are made in the kitchen,” a reference to just how important a good diet is in sculpting a fit body. It’s similar in the dog world. High-quality dog foods are important in helping dogs both look and feel their best. You should always talk to a veterinarian if you’re interested in switching dog foods, as they’ll be able to recommend foods that are made with high-quality ingredients and give your dogs everything they need for a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Conditioning: Getting great results out of a grooming appointment also requires the dog to actually enjoy the grooming process. A dog that is fidgety or won’t let the groomer spend more than a few minutes at a time working on its coat will not see as good of results as a dog that has been conditioned to love being groomed. Teach your dog to associate combs and clippers with things they enjoy. If successful, you’ll get to a point where the dogs will be delighted to know it’s grooming time!
  • Dental hygiene: Show dogs aren’t just given a lot of attention for their coats—they also are expected to maintain outstanding dental hygiene, especially for larger dogs. It’s important to be able to lift their lips to clean their teeth and massage their gums with a toothbrush or finger brush. Dogs are susceptible to all the same dental problems as humans, but they aren’t able to brush their own teeth. Lots of people don’t realize just how important it is to stay on top of dental hygiene with their dogs.
  • Nail trimming: Show dogs generally have their nails checked (and trimmed if needed) every time they’re bathed. During this process, it’s also important to trim the hair that’s between the pads of the feet, which reduces the chances of them getting irritated between the pads. It also helps improve the traction they have with their pads on various surfaces.

For more information about the various grooming tips that experienced AKC dog trainers follow with their own pets, we encourage you to contact the dog groomers in Henderson, NV at The Soggy Dog with your questions.

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