The Most Common Dog Haircuts

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Believe it or not, you actually have some options for how you’d like your dog’s hair to be cut. Just as there are all kinds of styles for you to choose from with your own hair, there are also a number of different common dog haircut styles and methods that you can request when you pay a visit to a dog groomer in Henderson, NV.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common types of dog haircuts:

  • Teddy bear: Do you want your dog to look like a cute little stuffed animal? The teddy bear haircut keeps more hair around the face and goes a little closer with the cut on the body. That doesn’t mean the body is cut very short—just that the face is a little fluffier than the rest of the dog. With the right kind of dog, the results can be adorable.
  • Lamb cut: The lamb cut involves a shorter style on the body with more fur left on the legs. It can result in the legs looking rather poofy and unnaturally large, but it really works well for dogs that have curly hair, and is especially cute on puppies. It’s a common cut for Airedales, for example, but there are plenty of curly-haired dogs that can pull off this look.
  • Poodle cut: Picture your standard poodle, and this is the sort of cut you’re looking at. That said, it can be used for a variety of furry dogs. The idea is to have short fur along the body, with more on the top of the head and around the neck. Old English sheepdogs often benefit from this kind of cut, but it can work for many different kinds of dogs that have a large amount of fluff.
  • Kennel cut: The kennel cut is simple—it’s just one length all over the body, typically a shorter length. It’s called the kennel cut because it’s low maintenance and ideal for someone who does not have much time to groom. Dogs that live in a kennel would get this kind of cut, because the groomer at the kennel probably has a whole lot of dogs to get through. It’s simple, effective and comfortable.
  • Clean face: You can also choose styles that will showcase the dog’s face, leaving some fur on the head but giving more room around the mouth and nose. This is ideal for dogs who really enjoy sniffing around.
  • Shaved: Shaving a dog is generally done only out of necessity rather than preference, such as if the dog has experienced some extreme matting. However, there are some types of dogs that can benefit from a close shave. Still, most dogs should never be shaved. This is a last-ditch grooming effort in most scenarios.

For more tips and information about the most popular grooming tactics and styles you’ll find for dogs these days, contact the experienced team of dog groomers in Henderson, NV at The Soggy Dog today. We’d be happy to show you some techniques that could work on your pet, as well as get you hooked up with a full slate of grooming supplies.

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