How Often Should You Be Taking Your Dog in for Grooming?

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We all want the best for our furry friends—of that there’s no doubt. We buy them the best food, sneak them scrumptious table scraps on occasion and walk them as much as possible. Unfortunately, as much time and attention as we pay our pup, nobody can do it all themselves. When it comes to proper bathing and grooming, conscientious pet owners should trust their pet to a professional.

If you haven’t considered it before, here are a couple of reasons for grooming in Henderson, NV.

A specialized approach

You may think you know every inch of your dog, but it’s still possible to miss some stuff. In addition to making your pup gorgeous, a pet groomer is trained to spot infections like ticks and ringworm, which might harm your dog.

Besides, professional pet groomers know the best way to bathe your dog and clip his or her nails without pain or trauma. In short, there’s more to grooming than you might believe, and that’s why it’s vital to ensure that your dog is correctly groomed at regular intervals.

What those intervals are depends on the particular issue. Here are specific reasons for grooming in Henderson, NV, and how often to bring in your pet.

The nails

It’s always best to bring your dog in for nail trimming rather than try to do it yourself. Inexperienced dog owners may inadvertently cut their dog’s nails too short, exposing the quick and causing real pain for their pooch.

Since every dog’s nails grow at a different rate, you’ll need to use your ears. When you’re walking your dog, listen for the sound of nails clickety-clacking against the pavement. When you hear a noise, it’s probably time to get them in for a nail trimming.

When to groom different breeds

As you can imagine, different breeds should be groomed at different intervals because of their varying coats. Long-haired pets like Akita and Great Pyrenees dogs can go as long as three months between vet appointments.

Breeds such as the German shepherd, poodles and retrievers, however, need more regular, professional attention and should be groomed at least once a month.

A note on shedding

If you notice that your dog is an excessive shedder, you’ll need to get them in to the groomer about once a month. In between visits, brush the dog regularly for 10 minutes at a time or more, and bathe them weekly to avoid matting.

Tooth care

You may not realize it, but one in three dogs suffers from chronic periodontal disease. If your vet believes your dog is at risk, you should have their teeth cleaned once a month.

In between regular visits, consider gently brushing your dog’s teeth or giving them treats designed to clean excess plaque.

Your pooch’s partner in clean

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