Nine Health Benefits of Good Dog Grooming

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Grooming your dog correctly could have a substantial positive impact on their overall pet health in Henderson, NV. Though you may believe you’re doing a great job keeping your beloved pet clean, you could be falling short. Sometimes, however, you just need some professional input.

Here just a handful of the benefits of having your dog thoroughly and professionally groomed.

Another part of the team

A highly qualified pet groomer can examine your dog’s skin, hair, teeth and nails and make dietary suggestions based on what they see.

Spot health issues before they start

Through no fault of their own, many dog owners tend to rush through puppy bath time. A professional pet groomer is paid to take their time. That makes them much more likely to find parasites early in their lifecycle. In some cases, your pup can even be treated on the spot.

Fix that smell

Have you noticed that your pup is a bit smelly? That doesn’t have to be an issue you get used to. In fact, it could indicate poor dog health in Henderson, NV. When your pup is properly bathed, however, that “dog smell” is washed away.

Proper hair care

You may think that your dog’s hair can be adequately treated with the occasional brush and bath. In fact, dog hair care is just as specialized as human hair care. In other words, to ensure it’s being managed correctly, you’ll need a professional’s eye.

It’s all about the product

In addition to a highly-trained skillset, taking your dog to a professional groomer means they’ll be treated with the appropriate pet supplies suited to their coat and their temperament.

Dog massage

Sure, you love to pet your dog, but they could also do with the occasional professional massage. Many groomers are trained to focus on specific muscle groups, relaxing muscles and eliminating stressors.

Don’t hurt those nails

Unless you have specific training trimming your dog’s nails, you may find yourself cutting their nails too short and exposing the quick. An exposed quick is immensely painful and may make it hard for your dog to walk.

Treating anal glands

If you find that your dog’s stool is consistently soft, they could be having issues “expressing” their anal gland. While you can treat this ailment at home, a professional groomer is better qualified to handle it. Also, it’s not an especially pleasant task, and if you can afford to have someone else do it, you should.

Healthier emotions

As you might imagine, a dog that’s being properly cared for tends to feel much happier and have a higher quality of life than one with matted fur and overgrown nails.

Make sure it’s done right

From trimming nails to thorough bathing, no other Nevada establishment is more committed to promoting pet health in Henderson, NV than the Soggy Dog.

Our highly-trained groomers provide a vast array of services, including nail trimming, ear cleaning, haircuts, baths, oral care, anal gland expression and so much more. When it needs to be done right, come to The Soggy Dog. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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