A Quick Overview of Some Dog Grooming Basics

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Staying on top of your dog grooming will help you keep your dog happy and healthy. While dogs do not need to bathe as frequently as people do, it’s still important to stick to a regular schedule and follow veterinarian recommendations regarding all grooming methods.

While it’s a good idea to go to a professional groomer for some of the more complicated services, you can also perform some basic grooming practices right at home. Here’s an overview of some of the basics of grooming maintenance in Henderson, NV.

Brush your dog’s hair

This is the simplest and most important grooming maintenance step you can take at home. Make sure you regularly brush your dog—not only do dogs often enjoy being brushed, but it also gives you some time to bond with your pet and prevent mats from developing in their hair, helping them maintain a healthy coat.

Your dog’s brushing needs will depend on the type of hair it has. Long-haired dogs will generally require daily brushing to prevent tangles and mats. Medium-haired dogs should be brushed at least weekly, and short-haired dogs may be able to get away with monthly brushings. Make sure you’re using the correct kind of brush for your dog—your vet can recommend specific brush types for you to try out.

Bathe your dog

Bath time can be quite challenging for dog owners—it’s very common for dogs to hate the entire ordeal. You can make matters much easier on yourself if you get your dog accustomed to taking baths very early on in its life, and build positive associations. For most dogs, you can get away with bathing only when the dog appears to be dirty or itchy. You don’t want to bathe too often, as this could cause skin irritation. Ask your vet for recommendations about types of shampoos and face wash products.

Nail trimming

This is another process that dogs tend to hate, but owners also are often nervous about performing nail trimming because they can be anxious about potentially hurting the dog. Dogs tend to dislike having their paws handled, and the more they fidget, the more difficult the process of trimming nails can be. It’s important that you know how to correctly trim nails so you can avoid hurting the dog. We strongly recommend having a veterinarian or professional groomer demonstrate the technique for you first if you intend to continue trimming their nails at home.

Ear care

You can clean your dog’s ears during their baths, but there are some dogs that are more susceptible to ear problems caused by bacteria and infection. This is particularly common with dogs that have floppy ears, because they don’t get as much air exposure. If you notice the dog frequently scratching at the ear or strange smells coming from the ear, you may need to use special ear cleaners or medications to remove the bacteria or infection.

Finally, when handling any kind of dog grooming processes at home, ensure the equipment you’re using is in good condition. Dull grooming blades and worn-out old brushes aren’t likely to do a good job, and can make the process more difficult and even dangerous.

Grooming equipment maintenance in Henderson, NV is as simple as visiting The Soggy Dog for recommendations and tips. For more tips about dog grooming, get in touch with our team today!

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