Wintertime Reminders! Cold Weather Safety Tips for Dog Parents

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It’s wintertime. It’s cold outside, as well as inside your house, which is why you’re currently wearing fuzzy socks and a warm cozy sweater. If pets are a part of your family, then you have to ensure their warmth and comfort, too—whether they are hanging out inside or out for a walk.

You love your furry buddy. They rely on you to keep them safe, so that’s exactly what you must do during cold weather in Henderson, NV. Below is a list of the top winter safety tips for dog parents:

  • Know your dog’s breed: Knowing your dog’s breed can be a great help in your efforts to protect them from wintertime temperatures. For instance, a larger breed dog with tons of fur—like Alaskan malamutes and Bernese mountain dogs—might actually enjoy the drop in outdoor temperature. On the other hand, little short-haired dogs may be less enthusiastic about partaking in long walks in the cold.
  • Keep a close watch when outside: When you take your dog out on walks during wintertime, be sure to stay on top of their physical cues. If your dog is shivering, slowing down or looks lethargic, go home immediately. Animals, like humans, are susceptible to frostbite. Check the skin under your pet’s for light gray or red patches as soon as you get back indoors.
  • Watch the weather: Do not ignore the warning signs of impending cold weather rolling through your area. Pay close attention to local weather reports so you can prepare for being stuck inside for the day (or a few days). Days without regular walks means you’ll have to plan for inside play, and don’t forget to stock up on your dog’s food, treats and medications.
  • Up your pup’s caloric intake: Even if your dog lies around lazily most days, the cold weather causes them to burn extra calories every time they go outside to potty or play. The shivering plays a huge role in the energy burn. To keep your dog healthy through the winter months, it’s important to feed them an extra helping of their favorite food every once in a while.
  • Dress to prevent stress: Get your pup a doggie sweater or coat and make sure to put it on them correctly before going outside. Clothes are especially important for smaller dogs and dogs with shorter coats.
  • Stay inside: Another option is to just stay inside during the coldest of winter days. Of course, you’ll want to keep everyone inside on storm days and freezing days. Also note that it’s not only cold air, rain or snow that are doggie health hazards—whipping winds can harm canine eyes, as can any chemicals or deicing salts applied outside on slick surfaces.

Winter for pets in Henderson, NV can be fun when you know how to keep them safe. If you’re looking to stock up on pet food, treats, toys and more this winter, come to The Soggy Dog. We have everything you need to make your pet happy!

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