Dog Breeds with Challenging Grooming Needs

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Making sure your dog is groomed correctly goes hand in hand with adopting a dog. Keeping their teeth and coat clean is just as important as making sure they exercise and get plenty of cuddles. Proper grooming improves your dog’s physical health, and it allows you to monitor for cuts, bumps and other signs of illness. Grooming keeps your dog free of parasites, and it ensures their skin isn’t dry and itchy. In short, dog grooming is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner.

While most owners don’t choose their furry friend based solely on their grooming needs, it is something that should be considered before you bring home a new pup. With this in mind, here are some of the hardest dog breeds to groom in Henderson, NV.


This pint-sized pup has one of the softest coats of any dog breed. Though an absolute pleasure to pet, these dogs’ hair is prone to mats (just like cats). As a result, daily brushing and combing are required to make sure that your Maltese isn’t looking rough.


Newfies are a widely renowned breed because they’re sweethearts who are loyal to a fault. Of course, they’re also massive and covered in long hair. As a result, they require long periods of brushing on a daily basis. When springtime hits, you can also expect your Newfoundland to shed fur like crazy, making it one of the hardest dog breeds to groom in Henderson, NV, hands down.

English sheepdogs

Some owners choose to keep their sheepdogs’ coat trimmed full-time, and it’s no wonder. When these dogs aren’t groomed regularly, their fur can clump in bunches, and they can develop skin irritations.


Owners love the Puli because of the magnificent beast’s unique kinked fur. To keep this breed looking its best, owners have to go through the arduous task of pulling and separating its coat every week. The dog also has sensitive skin, so it’s essential to make sure that no shampoo is left behind after a wash.

Shih Tzu

Several breeds require daily brushing, but the Shih Tzu takes a little something extra. Without extra attention paid to the breed’s eyes and ears, they can develop excess gunk, which can, in turn, lead to infections.

Don’t struggle—trust a pro

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