Tips for DIY Pet Grooming

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No one loves your dog more than you. Whether they’re big or small, stubborn or sweet, mutt or purebred, long-haired or short-haired, you are undoubtedly your dog’s biggest fan. That’s why you are also the best person to keep your dog groomed. All you need is the knowledge and the tools.

Get a jump start on proper pet care with these pet grooming tips in Henderson, NV.

Always keep treats on hand

If your puppy pal doesn’t like the bathing process, then it’s never a bad idea to bribe them. You may have to do a little bit of legwork to find the right treat to appease your dog (start with peanut butter or whipped cream), but having some food they’ll love with you will make the whole process easier.

Make it a habit

Whether you’re pulling out a hairbrush to crack down on mats or you’re going for a full-on bath, one of the most essential pet grooming tips in Henderson, NV is to make it a regular occurrence. Consistency in grooming will help your pup get used to the process, which will ultimately make them more relaxed and agreeable.

Eliminate mats ASAP

If your dog has long enough hair, then they could be in danger of developing hair mats. These clumps of hair not only look bad, but they can irritate your dog’s skin, pulling at it and causing it to become itchy. As a result, if you notice a mat beginning to form, it’s important to brush it out as soon as you can.

Pick the right shampoo

You might be tempted to wash your dog using a shampoo designed for humans. We get it. It’s tempting to reason that, if it’s good enough for your own hair, it’s good enough for your dog. That’s not the case, though—your dog’s skin is different from yours, and, as such, it requires a different kind of shampoo.

Keep their nails trimmed

Ideally, you can walk your dog on cement or pavement long enough for their nails to wear down naturally. If, however, you (or your dog) aren’t up for a three-mile-plus walk every day of the week—and who could blame you?—then you’re going to want to implement a regular regimen of nail clipping.

Equip yourself like a pro

Easily the most important of the pet grooming tips in Henderson, NV is this: make sure you’re using the correct tools for the job. At The Soggy Dog, that’s precisely what we do. Since we opened our doors in 2006, we have provided dog owners of every breed the tools, treats and expertise they need to keep their pups properly groomed and healthy.

We have a vast array of animal products you’ll love, including leashes, collars, chew toys, bully sticks, wet and dry dog food, toys, beds, stuffed animals and so much more. We even offer a selection of goods for your house cat, as well.

For 14 years and counting, our team of dedicated professionals has offered the area’s most comprehensive dog care. Now, it’s your turn to find out The Soggy Dog difference. Please stop by or give us a call today.

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