Tips to Make Your Puppy’s First Bath Fun!

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Your puppy brings so much joy to your life. They look adorable when they’re romping and running. They feel lovely nuzzled against you on cold mornings. Your puppy makes your life better, so it’s only natural to want to return the favor by creating a healthy, happy life for them. That includes proper grooming and bathing. When the time comes to give your puppy its first bath, you want to make sure to set the tone for all the baths to come. That means creating a relaxing, fun environment your puppy will love.

Here are some puppy’s first bath tips in Henderson, NV to make the process that much easier.

Start with brushing

Before you even turn the water on, you should make sure to gently brush your dog. This will help reduce matting, remove knots and eliminate excess fur before the bath. It will also have the helpful impact of soothing your dog.

Bring plenty of treats

If there’s one of these puppy’s first bath tips in Henderson, NV that you should take to heart, it is this: bring a lot of your pup’s favorite treats. You could even try something out of the ordinary like whipped cream or peanut butter to engage your dog’s attention and create a soothing, rewarding atmosphere.

You might even consider having a treat for them after the bath is done to reward them for good behavior.

Soak your dog in warm water

Make sure whatever tub you’re using is running with lukewarm water. Water that’s too cold will be uncomfortable, and water that’s too hot can burn your puppy. Make sure that you let the bathtub fill up to cover your dog’s paws and then drench your dog completely.

Know your shampoo

First, make sure to buy shampoo that’s designed specifically for your puppy’s delicate skin. Then, read the instructions carefully, since some puppy shampoo needs to be diluted with water before it’s applied.

Once you have your shampoo ready, cover the dog completely (making sure to avoid their nose and eyes). Don’t forget the tail and its undercarriage.

Scrub and rinse

During their first bath, make sure to scrub your puppy gently, using a soft sponge. This will equate bath time with a pleasant sensation even as it spares their skin from potential irritation. When your puppy is entirely scrubbed, make sure to rinse them completely. Shampoo can cause discomfort for your puppy if it’s left to dry after the bath.

Make The Soggy Dog your bath time fun center

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