How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

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You may not realize it, but bathing your dog is a crucial part of keeping them healthy and happy. It’s just as important as making sure they’re getting a proper diet and plenty of treats. Okay, maybe your dog won’t think it’s more important than the treats thing, but bathing your dog is still pretty important. The only question that remains is how often you should bathe a dog in Henderson, NV.

The answer is a little more complicated than you might think.

How often does my dog REALLY need a bath?

When it comes right down to it, veterinarians will tell you that your dog never really needs a bath. As one doctor puts it, “In general, healthy dogs only need to be bathed if they smell. There’s no reason particularly to bathe a healthy dog, unless they’re dirty.”

Bath time is something humans have developed to keep their pup’s coat clean and free of excess oil. That said, if you’re not bathing your dog regularly, you could be lowering its quality of life.

Does your pup have a skin condition?

If you’re still curious about how often you should bathe a dog in Henderson, NV, the answer largely depends on your dog’s skin and coat. If their coat is showing signs of dirt or debris, or if they are developing mats, then it’s a good idea to give your dog a bath.

If your dog has a chronic skin condition, or if their skin has gotten drier as a result of aging, regular baths with gentle soaps can help soothe their skin. That said, using the wrong product on a dog with a skin condition could cause more problems than it solves.

One component of a grooming regimen

A bath should be one part of a whole-body grooming regimen. That means making sure your dog is brushed regularly, and their nails are trimmed. These two steps can go a long way toward removing extra hair and improving their smell in between baths.

In most cases, you should be brushing your dog once a week at a minimum. Dogs with longer hair or thick undercoats should be brushed every other day to establish a routine.

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Once your dog is bathed and happy, you can make sure they get the perfect post-bath treat with a bully stick, chew toy, treats or high-quality freeze-dried dog food. For your rambunctious pup, we also have a massive selection of dog toys to keep them active, not destructive.

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