How to Safely Bathe Your Older Dog

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As the owner of an elderly dog, you undoubtedly understand the importance of proper grooming. Grooming not only keeps your pup looking and feeling great, but the act of giving your dog a bath and inspecting each part of their body as you bathe it can also serve as a unique early warning system for spotting the diseases and ailments that develop in your dog’s later years.

Of course, as your dog ages, bath time changes with them. You have to approach it differently, use different tactics and different products. If you’re in search of some older dog bath tips in Henderson, NV, we’ve got you covered.

Gentle shampoos

More often than not, older dogs develop drier skin than they once had. Overly dry skin can be just as itchy and uncomfortable for your pup as it is for you. As a result, it’s important to make sure that the shampoo you’re using isn’t adding to that dryness. There is a wide array of elder-care shampoo products that you can use to care for your dog’s dry skin.

No-slip bathmats

Taking a nasty slip or fall is a potential hazard for your dog throughout its life. As they age, however, the danger posed by a slip and fall only increases. When you add a layer of soapy water to the bottom of a tub, older dogs may find it challenging to keep their footing. Fortunately, the addition of a non-slip bathmat to the bottom of your tub can secure your elderly dog’s footing while you’re bathing them.

Warm towels

One of the most commonly overlooked older dog bath tips in Henderson, NV is a nice, warm towel. Before the bath begins, just pop a few fresh towels into your dryer on medium heat. When bath time is over, a few bath towels fresh from the dryer will feel wonderful to your dog’s aging bones.


If your dog is suffering from reduced mobility as a result of aging, there are several steps you can take. Lifting the dog in and out of the bath may cause them more discomfort than you realize. Adding a ramp into and out of your tub can help reduce the stress on their joints during bath time.

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