Why It’s Unsafe to Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car

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Let’s face it—the weather here in Nevada is hot! The average temperature during July and August is over 100℉, and the rest of the year, the climate remains warmer than in most parts of the country. It’s not uncommon for people to wonder, “Can I leave my dog in the car in Henderson, NV?”

Vehicles heat up quickly

You might ask yourself whether you can leave your dog in a car in Henderson, NV if you roll the windows down. Studies conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association show that rolling your window down does little to impact the inside temperature of your car or truck.

Many pet owners are shocked to learn that in 70℉ weather, a vehicle can heat up to 100℉ in as little as 20 minutes. During the dog days of summer, the internal temperature of your vehicle could hit 140℉ in less than an hour. Would you want to sit in those conditions for any amount of time? Well, neither does your dog.

What happens if you leave a dog in a hot car?

Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat as a method for lowering their body temperature. Instead, to keep cool, they pant. The harder they pant, the hotter they are feeling. A panting dog is losing precious bodily fluids each minute they’re left unattended in a heated vehicle.

Dogs left in hot cars for too long may experience non-fever hyperthermia and heat stroke. Older dogs or those with health issues could experience organ failure or death. Also, there are breeds that are more heat-intolerant than others, including canines with shorter skulls such as pugs or bulldogs.

Here in Nevada and in most other states, it is actually illegal to leave your pet unattended in a parked or standing motor vehicle during a period of extreme heat or cold. You may be issued a fine or have to pay for expenses to board and treat the animal after it has been rescued from your vehicle. In some cases, judges may actually sentence you to jail time.

What do you do if you see a pet left unattended in a parked car?

If you spot a dog panting away in a car when it is hotter than 70℉ outside, your first step is to try to alert the owner that there might be an issue. If you are unable to locate the owner, speak with the business managers or property owners in the area to see if they can help you find this person.

Should you be unable to track down the dog’s owner, call the non-emergency number for your local police, as well as animal control. You should wait for the authorities to show up. Make a record of the date, time, car, license plate and the circumstances in case legal action is taken.

If you are about to head out and you are asking yourself, “Can I leave my dog in the car?” your safest bet is to just leave Fido at home in Henderson, NV. You can help your four-legged friend stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months by providing them with regular grooming sessions to remove excess hair and fur. Get in touch with The Soggy Dog today to learn about our self-service grooming facility!

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