How to Clean Tear Stains on Your Dog’s Face

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Every pet parent wants their dogs to be happy and healthy, but they also want their dogs to look their best. It’s very common for dogs to develop tear stains as they age. These tear stains can appear as reddish or brown stains around the eyes. These stains are most noticeable in breeds with white or light-colored coats. If you want to prevent or minimize the appearance of dog tear stains in Henderson, NV, follow some key tips and tricks.

What causes tear stains?

Tear stains are caused by an overproduction of tears. Excessive tear production can be caused by a variety of things, including ingrown eyelashes, stress, bacterial infections and enlarged tear glands. No matter what the cause may be, it can result in excessive tear production that leaves reddish or brown stains behind. These tear stains can be difficult to remove, but there are some things pet owners can do to prevent and remove dog tear stains in Henderson, NV:

  • Consider adjusting your dog’s water bowl: Sometimes, using plastic water bowls can contribute to bacterial infections, including yeast infections. Switch out your plastic water bowl for a stainless steel bowl that’s less likely to transfer bacteria to your dog. If you’re concerned that a yeast infection might be to blame for your dog’s excessive tear production, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to your dog’s drinking water. This will acidify the water and help combat the yeast infection to normalize your dog’s tear production.
  • Take your dog to the vet: A veterinarian can identify the cause of your dog’s excessive tear production and make recommendations to fix the problem. Sometimes, the issue is linked to an underlying medical issue that requires treatment through medication or special care. Oftentimes, vets will prescribe topical ointments to address concerns of excessive tear production and tear stains.
  • Keep your dog’s eyes dry: Tear stains are created when tears dry and accumulate around the eyes. Use a wipe, cotton ball or soft cloth with a gentle cleaning solution to keep the area around your dog’s eyes clean and prevent tear accumulation from causing staining. This is especially important if your dog has an infection or ingrown hair that’s causing excessive tear production.
  • Get professional grooming: Professional groomers know how to effectively handle dog face cleaning in Henderson, NV to get rid of tear stains and keep the area around the eyes as clean as possible. Groomers may use a lot of different methods, including wiping the area with a cleaning solution or, in some cases, clipping the stained area to clear away stained fur and hair.

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