How to Make Your Dog’s Baths Less Stressful

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Many pet owners in Henderson, NV don’t understand why some dogs treat a bit of soap and water like a death sentence. However, grooming anxiety is a legitimate concern and should be taken seriously. The good news is there are plenty of ways you can help. If your pup hates a scrub down, check out these tips for curing bath time anxiety.

Install pet-friendly shower gadgets

Some helpful gadgets can be a quick fix for your pup’s bath time anxiety. Consider purchasing a non-slip bath mat if your dog stands rigid and refuses to move during a scrub down. Many pet owners swear by bath mats because they help dogs avoid the slippery bottom of a bath tub. Mats provide a sturdy ground and make your pet feel secure.

Handheld shower attachments have also been proven to reduce anxiety. Dumping a bucket of cold water to rinse off can be enough to send your dog into a frenzy. Installing a shower attachment allows you to rinse targeted areas of your dog’s body and turn off the water when you don’t need it.

Reward your dog with treats

Dogs with bath time anxiety believe getting clean is a punishment. Help your pooch enjoy the bath tub by associating it with treats. Every day leading up to their next bath, lure your dog into the bathroom with a high-value reward they don’t normally get. Praise your dog for coming and release them without a bath.

Once they’re used to entering the bathroom, run the faucet and give them a treat. Again, let them leave after giving the reward. When it’s time for a bath, keep a bag of your dog’s favorite treats next to the tub and reward them frequently throughout the process. Rewards condition your pet to love bath time rather than dread it.

Go for a walk first

Every dog owner will tell you walks are the best way to tucker out a pup. Walks are not only great exercise for both dogs and humans, but they also help burn off energy. A tired dog will be more relaxed during bath time and less likely to freak out.

Baths are also a great way to gain relief from the heat in Henderson, NV. Your dog’s grooming anxiety will melt away with the cool touch of water on their hot fur. Going for a walk right before bath time teaches your furry friend that a scrub down can be fun, not a punishment.

Calm your own nerves

Pet owners suffer from grooming anxiety, too. Unfortunately, dogs can sense your mood and will panic even more if they think something’s wrong. The best way to put your pup at ease is by showing they have no reason to be afraid. Gently guide your dog into the tub and lather them with slow, relaxing movements.

Your pooch deserves the best treatment. If they’re in need of a spa day, wash your pup at The Soggy Dog in Henderson, NV. We’ve got everything you need for bath time and provide a safe, relaxing environment. Browse our full range of services to learn why dogs love our parlor!

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