Top Holiday Treats for Your Dog

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Dogs love the holiday season. They scrounge the kitchen floor in search of turkey drippings and make their rounds at the dinner table. But don’t let those adorable puppy eyes guilt you into dropping a hunk of roast beef into their food bowl. Human food wreaks havoc on the canine digestive tract and could send your dog to the emergency room.

Instead, encourage guests to offer your pooch a dog treat. There are plenty to choose from in Henderson, NV that will satisfy your dog’s taste for the holidays. Below you’ll discover safe treats for dogs that are even better than human food. Grab a stocking and fill it with these tasty goodies!

A slice of pumpkin pie

The signature pumpkin spice flavor of fall isn’t just for humans. Serve your dog a Pup Pie Treat from the Lazy Dog Cookie Company. Even though it’s a dessert, this dog version of pumpkin pie is packed with protein and contains all natural ingredients. Forget about dog treats with GMOs, wheat and soy—the Pup Pie Treat replaces that stuff with the aroma of cinnamon, pumpkin and ginger.

Festive holiday cookies

Skip the milk and cookies for Santa this year—dogs will nab those cookies the second you turn your back. If a sweet treat is what they’re after, give your furry companion an oatmeal and cinnamon biscuit from Blue Buffalo’s Santa Snacks. These are safe treats for dogs thanks to their non-allergenic ingredients. Your dog gets to enjoy a festive dessert with the added bonus of vitamins and minerals.

Share a round of egg nog

Every dog cookie needs to get washed down with a water bowl full of McSteven’s Dog Nog. It’s a quick and simple way to let your furry friend in on the holiday fun. All you have to do is mix the powder into their water bowl for instant, dog-friendly egg nog. The sweet aromas will encourage your dog to rehydrate after playing with the guests.

Beef hide candy canes

It sounds gross, but your dog will love them. Surprise the canine family members this Christmas with a pack of Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Twists. One bag comes with twenty hard chews to last the whole winter season in Henderson, NV. These safe treats will keep your pooch occupied for quite a while, allowing you to enjoy the people food with minimal disruption.

This holiday season, resist the urge to share human food with dogs. It will be tempting to sneak a piece of your bread roll under the table, but watching your furry friend gleefully munch on the holiday feast isn’t worth a trip to the vet. Pet owners want their dogs to be happy, but they should want them to be healthy, too.

If you need to stock up on dog treats, swing by The Soggy Dog in Henderson, NV. We have goodies for all dog breeds and dietary restrictions. Also, feel free to send us your questions about which treats are best for your furry companion. Our pet experts are always happy to help!

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