How to Prepare Your Puppy for Their First Grooming Session

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When you first get your new puppy, you’re going to believe that there’s nothing they could ever do wrong. Then, they’ll tromp through their first puddle of mud. Your little pup will still be adorable… but they may also need a little bit of professional grooming attention. You might think you could do a perfectly fine job yourself, but before you dunk your pup in the tub, reconsider what a little help from the professionals might be able to accomplish.

Puppy groomers in Henderson, NV serve a number of purposes. They ensure your dog is cleaned thoroughly, from tip to tail. They can also trim nails and check for early warning signs of disease. When you pick the right groomer, the experience is also an excellent adventure for your puppy.

Before you bring them to your local groomer, here are some tips to get your puppy ready for the experience.

Know when to groom your puppy

Over the first 12 to 16 weeks of your puppy’s life, they will need to receive a battery of shots on a routine basis. These vaccinations are designed to help your dog build up an immunity to areas with high dog traffic. Up to that point, there are several things you can do to start a regimen of at-home grooming.

Get used to touching them

Of course, you’re going to pet your new puppy—a lot. However, when you’re petting them, make sure you take the time to touch and feel their entire body from top to bottom. For example:

  • Feel the area around their ears
  • Lift their teeth and handle their gums
  • Caress their paws, including the space between their toes

If you get your beloved pup used to being handled, your puppy will experience much less grooming anxiety in Henderson, NV.

Brush them regularly

Between grooming visits, you might expect to brush your dog anywhere from once a day to once a week, depending on the length of their coat. That’s a good rule to follow throughout the dog’s entire lifetime.

When they’re still puppies, you should consider brushing your dog a little more frequently than they require. This gets them used to the sensation of being groomed before you even bring them in.

Behold the power of treats

Throughout the entire pre-grooming process, make sure to have a bag of treats on hand, especially if your dog is apprehensive about being brushed or handled. Don’t scold them when they squirm. Reward them when they follow good grooming habits, and they’ll be excited about grooming in no time.

Get help with puppy grooming

Since 2006, The Soggy Dog has established a reputation for excellence as trusted dog and puppy groomers in Henderson, NV. For the DIY crowd, we also offer several self-wash stations that let you stay right by your puppy’s side while you scrub them clean.

Once they’re done in the bath, you can peruse The Soggy Dog’s expansive assortment of pet supplies. We have everything from doggie treats to vitamins and supplements. Don’t settle for second best—come to The Soggy Dog today. Contact us to find out more about our facility!

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