How to Bathe a Dog Who Tries to Escape

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Whether it’s from rolling in the mud, playing with a dead animal or getting sprayed by a skunk, dogs can get dirty and smelly quickly. Since these smells won’t go away on their own, it’s the pet owner’s responsibility to give them a bath every now and then.

But perhaps you’re thinking, “My dog hates taking baths!” Like many dogs in Henderson, NV, perhaps your pet runs away anytime they think it might be time for a bath. Fortunately, there are several tricks to help keep your dog content until the bath is over. Keep reading to learn a few of the top tricks in the book.

Buy gentle shampoo

Keeping your dog in the tub during bath time starts with the shampoo you’re using. The powerful scents in human shampoos have a tendency to scare pets, resulting in them darting off. Instead, use a gentle, mild-smelling shampoo that’s designed for animals. These products can be purchased at any pet supply store.

Move the bath indoors

Simply hosing your dog down outside prevents your tub from getting all dirty, but that hose water is freezing, which can lead to dogs running away! Moving bath time inside and utilizing your tub, shower stall or sink allows you to control the water temperature and keep your pet comfortable throughout their bath.

Cushion the tub floor

One of the reasons your dog hates taking baths in Henderson, NV is because the slippery floor is scary. So, before you start washing your pet in the tub, ensure the floor is as comfortable as possible by purchasing a cushion or slip-free mat for the tub or shower floor. You can even use a towel if you’re washing your dog on a budget.

Distract your dog

You’ve probably noticed that most dogs don’t have the longest attention span. By refocusing your dog’s attention on a pet treat or peanut butter, you can often keep your dog in the bathtub in Henderson, NV for extended periods. Although this can be a messy solution, it’ll make your dog happy and make bath time easier for you.

Test the water temperature

We mentioned above how the outside hose water is too cold, but it’s equally important to note that water from the faucet or showerhead can be too hot. Be sure to test the water before you put your pet in the tub. If the water’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog.

Leave it to the pros

Our best advice on this whole list is to bring your pets to a groomer when it’s time for a bath. Along with years of experience, professionals have all of the right equipment to ensure your pets are comfortable during their bath and come out as clean as can be.

We’re your go-to team for pet baths!

With five elevated walk-in tubs and a wide range of services available, including self-service dog washing, The Soggy Dog is the best in town when it comes to grooming your pets. Give us a call today to schedule a bath or to learn more about how to keep your dog in the bathtub during bath time in Henderson, NV.

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