How to Properly Bathe a Dog with a Thick Undercoat

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Proper dog bathing is more difficult for breeds with heavy double coats. Dog undercoat cleaning is not as simple as letting your pup jump into the tub. Many herding, working and terrier breeds have double coats, including Irish terriers and Norfolk terriers, Akitas, malamutes, Bernese mountain dogs, huskies, sheepdogs, border collies, German shepherds and more. If you are concerned about proper dog bathing and you have one of these breeds in Henderson, NV, here are some things you should know about dog undercoat cleaning before bath time.

Proper dog bathing schedules

Double-coated dogs generally shed more than others, so it is important that their coats are well maintained. If they’re not, it can lead to tangles and matted coats that are painful and difficult to clean. Double-coated dogs with thick undercoats tend to shed heavily in the spring and fall. That’s exactly when you should plan to keep up with proper dog bathing. Dog undercoat cleaning during shedding will keep your dog’s skin healthier and encourage that old undercoat to shed. Don’t plan to bathe your dog more than about four times a year, or you may risk drying out its skin and stripping the oil from its fur.

Brushing before bathing

Any dog with a thick undercoat is going to need far more brushing than bathing. You should brush your dog several times a week in order to maintain the health of its fur and remove dirt and debris. Brushing also prevents mats and tangles from building up between proper dog baths. To brush, begin by spraying your dog’s coat with water to prevent the fur from breaking, then use a pin brush, then a slicker brush to remove dead and shed fur and to keep your dog’s coat healthy. Brushing will also evenly distribute the oil throughout your dog’s skin, preventing both dry fur and breakouts.

Proper dog bathing

Proper dog bathing always begins with another good brushing. You need to remove any shed fur and get out any tangles and mats that you can before getting your dog’s coat wet. Your pup is only ready for a good dog undercoat cleaning after it’s been brushed thoroughly. When bathing your dog, be sure to use products made for canines rather than humans. Human shampoo is far harsher than dog shampoo and can hurt your dog’s coat and skin.

Begin your dog’s bath with warm (not hot) water. Work the water thoroughly into your dog’s undercoat and onto the skin. Apply dog shampoo and lather up well, shampooing the legs and using a washcloth on your dog’s face to avoid getting soap into its eyes or ears. Rinse well, making sure to get all the way through your dog’s undercoat, then use a dog conditioner.

Where to bathe your dog in Henderson, NV

Proper dog grooming, including proper dog bathing, is essential to the good health of your beloved pet. If you have a dog in Henderson, NV, visit The Soggy Dog for full-service dog grooming services, including baths. We also offer the unique option for self-service dog washing if you’d rather take care of your pet yourself but would prefer not to make a mess of your shower at home. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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