Why Does My Dog Like to Roll Around in the Dirt After a Bath?

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Dog groomers and veterinarians in Henderson, NV are routinely asked, “Why do dogs go crazy after a bath?” While it’s sometimes funny, your dog’s penchant for rolling in dirt after giving them a bath is usually pretty annoying. Caused by a variety of different factors, this rolling-in-the-dirt ritual is common with a lot of dogs. Some dogs are just excited for their baths to be over, while for others, rolling in dirt is their way of drying off.

No matter the reason, it’s important that no Henderson, NV dog owner punish their animal for rolling in the dirt. There are several ways to avoid this behavior without the need for punishment.

The new smells are bothering them

Dog soaps and shampoos present a new series of smells, and some animals don’t like this. They’d rather smell like something familiar, and the best way to do so might entail rolling around in the dirt. It’s also instinctual for some dogs to try to cover their scent with dirt. If the scent of their shampoo is strong, they might be working extra hard to cover it up.

Some dogs hate baths

There are many dogs out there that just don’t like baths. This is true even for dogs that love the water. If your dog hates baths and rolls around in the dirt afterwards, this could be because they’re relieved. Now free from the bathtub, your dog might be overly excited and is showing that by rolling around in all their favorite spots.

If your dog has a hard time taking baths, there are ways to alleviate some of this anxiety. Maintaining a comfortable water temperature, cushioning the bathtub floor and using different soaps are all great ways of making your dog’s bath time a bit easier on them.

Other reasons a dog might roll in the dirt

Even when your dog hasn’t recently had a bath, they might routinely roll around in the dirt. This is completely normal and happens with a lot of dogs. Rolling in the dirt is based purely on instinct for many dogs. Wolves would roll in the dirt to spread information, mask their scent while hunting and more. This need to roll in the dirt could just be a gift left from your dog’s ancestors. Many dogs roll also around in the dirt to cool off during warmer days or mark their territory.

Stopping the behavior

As mentioned above, punishing your dog for rolling around in the dirt isn’t a good idea. This behavior is natural, and your dog shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. Instead, try to curb their need to roll around in the dirt right after a bath. Lead them away from dirt if their intention to roll around in it is obvious. You might also clean up any areas in the yard where your dog commonly rolls.

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