How to Help Ease Grooming Anxiety

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Dogs might have a reputation for being docile, loyal pals—but anyone who has a dog with a particularly strong or timid personality knows this isn’t always the case. Many dogs suffer from grooming anxiety in Henderson, NV. Some of them hate the grooming tasks themselves, while others get anxious when they’re left alone with a stranger.

No one wants their pets to suffer—even if you know it’s for their own good. Following these tips will help reduce their anxiety and make the grooming process easier for everyone:

  • Get ready: Both dogs and humans alike tend to handle stressful situations better when there’s less buildup. Getting out all your grooming supplies before you take your dog to the bathtub or kiddie pool will make the process a lot easier. (If you bring your dog to The Soggy Dog, we’ll take care of this step for you.) Remember to keep a positive tone of voice throughout the process, and your dog will pick up on your cues.
  • Keep them calm: Think about which parts of the grooming process your dog hates the most. Does he hate the ride in the car? Try something to make transportation easier, like a crate or anti-nausea medication. Does he hate a specific groomer? Consider switching groomers. Your vet may have additional suggestions, based on your dog’s individual personality and health concerns.
  • Make sure they’re used to being handled: Some dogs just hate being handled by anyone other than their owners. Practice touching sensitive areas at home, naming them, then rewarding your dog with a treat. That way, when your groomer says “time to do your ears,” the association will be “delicious snack” instead of “try it and see, buddy.” This can be an ongoing process, so don’t expect to cure their distress on the first try.
  • Go on a test run: If you groom your dog outside the home, take your dog to the groomer on a test run—that is, without an actual grooming appointment. This allows them to get familiar with the car ride, the building, other dogs and the staff at the groomer’s place. Try this a couple of times, so they’re not always thinking “here comes the lady with the clippers” every time you pull up to the building.
  • Consider a muzzle: If your dog is particularly unruly, consider getting a muzzle for grooming time—this can protect you and your groomer during the process.
  • When all else fails, try bribery: Finally, use plenty of treats in a judicious manner. Rewarding your dog for good behavior will help them associate trips to the groomer with those rewards, rather than the panic and discomfort they may have felt otherwise.

Addressing grooming issues in dogs takes patience. Every dog in Henderson, NV is different, so you may need to experiment to find what your dog responds to best.

The Soggy Dog is a DIY grooming station offering everything you need for a successful grooming session—come visit us today to make your pet look spiffier than ever!

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