How Frequently Should I Bathe My Dog?

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One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is: “When should I give my dog a bath?” Owners know when their dogs don’t smell too great, but they don’t want to over-bathe them and cause problems like dry skin. Luckily for customers with that question, we have the answer.

Keep reading to learn more about bathing and grooming your furry friend.

How often do I need to wash my dog?

Dog bath frequency depends on a few different factors. Take these factors into consideration before giving your dog a bath or taking them to a groomer:

  • Breed: The key consideration is your dog’s breed and coat type. Dogs with longer coats or double coats need baths every four to six weeks to prevent matting and reduce shedding. Additionally, dogs with particularly oily coats (like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers) need baths more frequently to remove all of those oils and dirt.
  • Health: Dogs with skin conditions may need to take baths more frequently with medicated shampoos. These specialized cleansers will eliminate odors while allowing the dog’s skin to breathe. Regularly brushing your dog also goes a long way in keeping skin and coats healthy.
  • Lifestyle: Dogs that enjoy rolling around in the mud, playing in water or going on hunting trips typically require regular baths to keep their coats as clean as can be. Make a habit of wiping your dog down with a washcloth after coming inside from playing to extend the time between baths.

How often should I bring my dog to the groomer?

Knowing how often you need to wash your dog is only part of the dog care equation—dogs also need to go to a professional groomer! Here are a few things the groomer will do:

  • Haircuts: Like bathing, how frequently your dog gets a haircut depends on the breed. Poodles, for example, should get a haircut every six to eight weeks, but dogs with shorter coats can wait for several months before going to the groomer. Just watch out for matting, and bring your dog in if their coat is looking less than
  • Nail trimming: Getting scratched by your pup’s sharp nails can be painful. The best solution is having them trimmed by a professional groomer every two weeks or so. Groomers have all of the right tools and techniques to trim nails without causing harm.
  • Dental cleaning: In addition to at-home cleanings two or three times per week, a dog’s teeth should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Routine cleaning prevents serious dental disease and even other health complications.

Where to go for pet grooming?

Look no further than The Soggy Dog if your pup needs a professional groomer. We offer an array of grooming services to keep dogs smelling, looking and feeling great. Plus, we also have self-washing stations for owners who like to give their dogs a bath by themselves. Stop by today for a bath or to learn more about when you should give your dog a bath.

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