Treating Matted Dog Hair

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Dogs with long or curly hair will likely experience matting at some point. These mats are not only annoying for your furry friend but can also cause health problems in the long run. It’s important to discover the right matting solutions for your dog, which usually includes brushing and hair trimming.

Read on for more information on removing and preventing mats.

What causes matting?

As mentioned above, matting is prevalent in dogs with long and/or curly hair due to the density of their fur. Matting is especially common in breeds like poodles, doodles, Cocker Spaniels and Yorkies.

Mats usually start with a small knot that grows over time. The main cause of these knots is friction from your dog scratching itself, which is why they are common in areas like armpits and near the neck. Things like fleas and allergies can cause a dog to scratch themselves more frequently, which often results in mats.

The problem with mats

Mats not only make your pet’s fur look bad, but they also cause great discomfort. One of your pet’s nails may even get stuck in a mat when scratching itself. Don’t hesitate to contact a veterinarian or professional groomer if you’re unsure of how to handle matting, especially if the skin around your pet’s mats appears red. Over time, mats can lead to poor blood flow and infections.

Removing mats

Treating matted dog hair isn’t always easy. It’s important to understand the best matting solutions for your dog before getting started. If the mats are small, you can usually use a variety of products to get rid of them, including brushes and detangling sprays. Notably, you’ll need a dog brush specifically designed to detangle hair.

Get your dog into a comfortable position before trying to loosen the mat with your fingers. If your dog seems comfortable, try gently brushing the matted area with a hair-detangling brush. Use a dematting comb to loosen the hair near the base of the mat.

You can also remove mats by trimming them away, though this is best left to a professional.

Preventing mats

While it’s important to understand matting solutions, the best thing you can do for your dog is prevent mats in the first place. This starts with a healthy diet full of Omega-3’s, which will help your pet maintain a healthy coat. It’s also important to routinely brush your dog’s hair with the right brush. Ask your vet for their recommendation on the best brush for your dog.

Seek a professional’s help

While it’s usually simple to remove small mats, you should always bring your dog to a professional groomer if necessary. This is especially important if your dog seems to be in pain. A professional groomer has all the right tools and experience to safely remove mats without causing your furry friend much discomfort.

If you’re a pet owner looking for top-quality grooming services at fair prices, contact The Soggy Dog today. We’re experts at treating matted dog hair and will have your furry friend as good as new in no time.

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