Why Does Grooming Cost More than My Haircut?

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Bringing a dog or other pet into your home can be a wonderful addition. Having a pet can bring a lot of joy and help keep you active and healthy. However, anyone that is going to bring a pet into their home needs to be aware of the care and cost that can come with it.

One type of service that you will need to provide for your pet is a pet grooming service. While most people would compare a grooming service to going to get a haircut at a local salon, they are quickly surprised to find that the cost of dog and other pet grooming is far more expensive. There are various reasons why your pet grooming service can cost much more than a typical haircut.

Time to Complete Task

For those wondering why is it so expensive to get my dog groomed, one of the main reasons is that it can take a long time to complete the grooming service. A dog grooming service is typically far more involved than a standard haircut. These services will include washing, drying, brushing, and cutting your dog’s hair. As a dog has a lot more hair than a human, it will naturally take more time to complete the job. The amount of time and labor that goes into the service is a contributing factor to the increased cost.

More Risk to Groomers Than Hair Stylists

Another reason that you may end up paying a premium for a grooming service is that it can come with more risk for the pet groomers. When washing, drying, brushing, and providing other types of care for a dog, there is always a chance that the pet could get scared or angry. This leads to the chance of the pet biting or scratching the groomer. This is a risk that is not shared by hairstylists and pet groomers will likely charge a premium to compensate for this risk.

Full Body Care

A dog grooming service also differs from a standard haircut because groomers provide full-body care. Beyond washing the pet fur and hair, they also will trim nails, check and clean out eyes, ears, and noses, and complete various other tasks that most pet owners will not handle on their own. The skill and care that goes into these additional services tend to warrant a higher cost for the service.

Ultimately, having your pet groomed and properly cared for is very important. Not only will this help your dog look and feel its best, but it is a good first step to follow when it comes to encouraging a healthy life for your dog. Many new dog and pet owners will be surprised by the cost that can come with professional grooming. For those wondering why is dog grooming so expensive, It is important to remember that professional grooming will cost more for various reasons.

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