How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

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Are you wondering what is the best method to clean a dog’s ears? There are several, but most importantly, you should understand that keeping your dog’s ears in good condition is essential. It can be difficult to clean your dog’s ears if they are not used to getting them cleaned on a regular basis. You can implement several tips to help this process go smoothly for you.

Tips for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning a dog’s ears doesn’t have to be a project that you dread. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make this process much easier for both you and your dog:

  • Prepare all the cleaning supplies you are going to need. Also, make sure that your dog is prepared. The best time to clean your dog’s ears is when he is undisturbed. You know your dog better than anyone else, so make sure that you use your best judgment. If possible, offer treats to your dog.
  • Only use an ear cleaning solution that is approved by your vet. Once you have everything ready, insert the solution into your dog’s ear. Be sure to delicately rub the bottom of your dog’s ear at the same time for about 1 minute. If you hear a sucking noise, that is normal. This noise means that the solution is doing its job of eliminating any buildup in your dog’s ears. To avoid the growth of bacteria, do not allow the tip of the solution to get too close to his ears.
  • Allow your dog to jiggle his head. Have a towel handy to shield yourself from the solution. You can also use the towel to dry your pup’s face. Make sure that you have some gauze or cotton balls ready to rub your dog’s ear canal. You should stop cleaning your dog’s ears immediately if you notice that he is in any type of pain.

Other Tips To Remember

Avoid using hydrogen peroxide to clean your dog’s ears. Even though it is safe for humans, it can actually exasperate skin cells that are in good shape. Delicate tissue is present in your dog’s ears, so you always want to be careful not to use hydrogen peroxide, since prolonged use of it is associated with ear damage.

You should only use cleaning solutions that have been approved by your vet. Avoid finding homemade cleaning solutions online to clean your dog’s ears, just to be on the safe side. Many ear cleaning solutions that can be made at home can consist of ingredients that are dangerous to your pup.

The next time you visit your vet’s office, ask about an ear cleaning solution that you may be able to purchase from there. If they do not carry any for sale in their office, ask your vet if they have any recommendations on any specific cleaning solutions they have for your pup.

Having knowledge of the best way to clean your pup’s ears is an important part of taking care of his grooming needs. Cleaning his or her ears frequently will preserve his or her hearing. Furthermore, frequent cleaning will keep your dog’s ears in good condition.

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